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Jeff Horn confident he can stop Tim Tszyu in all-Aussie showdown

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The veteran believes he’s got the right tools to hold off the rising star.

Former welterweight titleholder Jeff Horn is currently scheduled for a big, all-Australian showdown against prospect and second generation rising star Tim Tszyu on Aug. 26 in Townsville, Queensland, and the 32-year-old veteran is looking forward to what many expect will be a good stylistic matchup, as far as action goes.

Horn (20-2-1, 13 KO) is still most famous for his controversial 2017 win over Manny Pacquiao, and he’s come back down to earth a bit since then, going 3-2 with losses to Terence Crawford in 2018 and Michael Zerafa in 2019, which was avenged to end last year in December.

Horn’s last two fights have been fought at middleweight, and he expects coming back down to 154 will be a benefit that gives him the upper hand against Tszyu (15-0, 11 KO), the 25-year-old son of former champion and Hall of Famer Kostya Tszyu.

“I think he’s probably going off my last couple of fights where I have been fighting at middleweight and probably holding a little bit too much [weight], and not being able to last the whole round,” Horn told Fight Hub TV’s Marcos Villegas. “I can last them, but probably under the intensity that Tim Tszyu and other guys are going to bring, it definitely shows you in there that you’re not going to be able to last that long.

“But because I’m going down in weight and being very strict and routine with everything I’m doing, I’m sure it’s going to be — even if it goes over six rounds, I’m going to have this one in the bag.”

Horn also sees Tszyu as defensively vulnerably, but admits the same can be said about him, which is one of the reasons so many expect the fight to be fan-friendly.

“He’s there to be hit. Not to say that I’m not, a lot of people say I’m easy to hit, but I definitely see how I can break him down and beat Tszyu,” he said. “I’ve got some good guys on the team now that I’m working with, and we’re very confident with my strategy in how to win this fight.”

As for his work with trainer Glenn Rushton, Horn says Rushton has a simple plan.

“Glenn just wants me to put pressure on him and win this fight,” Horn says. “That’s a way I can do it, it’s a strategy that can work, putting it on the young bull and seeing how he can handle it. If I maintain my fitness and push through these hard 10 rounds, which I’m thinking they’re going to be, it’s quite likely that I could [stop] him.”