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Jorge Linares explains why Luke Campbell is a good opponent for Ryan Garcia

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Linares also answers why he’s not the one fighting Garcia.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Jorge Linares answers questions on why he’s not fighting Ryan Garcia after that fight was rumored so much and why he thinks Luke Campbell is a good opponent for Garcia to face. Check it out...

Linares on why he’s not fighting Ryan Garcia next:

“You don’t need to ask to me that. You need to ask to Ryan Garcia and Ryan Garcia’s team because if you ask to me ‘Jorge, who do you want to fight?’...Ryan Garcia, anywhere, anytime. If Golden Boy called me right now (and) he said ‘You know what, let’s change the opponent, let’s do the fight with Ryan Garcia,” yes, let’s do it. Why not?”

On if the proposed fight with Garcia didn’t happen because of travel issues or something else:

“I think it’s maybe because that and then, another thing, maybe because he’s not ready. Come on, he’s not ready for that. Especially when he saw my last fight, you know what I mean?

“It’s not reality boxing, come on. So he’s not ready to make a big fight with somebody like me. I’m so happy that it’s the fight with him and Luke Campbell happen. That’s very good, that’s very good fight for him. You can see how good boxing he is.

“Luke Campbell, the last fight with Lomachenko, he was confused (by) Lomachenko a lot. He’s very tough guy, he’s tall, long — he’s very difficult. I think it’s very good fight for Ryan Garcia.”

On if he thinks Garcia beats Campbell:

“I think yes, but not easy...he need to be very ready for this fight. It’s not like a one-round, two-round (fight).

“Campbell has very long arms and he’s tall guy and he’s technical. He have a lot of talent, a lot of experience in amateur, in professional. So I think that’s very good, interesting fight for Ryan Garcia.”