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Jonathan “Geo Don” Lopez signs with MTK Global

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The 17-year-old prospect is looking to turn pro.

MTK Global continues to put the pieces together to expand operations into the United States, signing 17-year-old prospect Jonathan “Geo Don” Lopez, a teenage amateur standout who has been looking to turn pro.

This follows MTK signing middleweight prospect Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson to an advisory deal last week.

Lopez certainly doesn’t lack for confidence as he prepares to join the paid ranks.

“I’m proud to be signing with MTK Global. Roy Jones Jr saw what I had and referred me to MTK. They are one of the best in the business to build a fighter’s career,” he said via press release.

“I would call it a natural fit. One of the best fighters being referred by an all-time great, now signing with one of the best companies in boxing. I want to showcase my talent to the entire world and become a global champion. This is what I was born and bred to do. I love this sport and grew up doing it, so I see myself winning a world title one day.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jonathan Lopez to the team. He is the real deal, and is an American and Puerto Rican native with the tools to excite everyone in attendance,” said MTK Global CEO Bob Yalen. “We have high hopes that this young fighter will be a household name very quickly, and we will give him the stage to show everyone what he has got.”

A pro debut for Lopez will be announced soon.