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NBCSN shutting down in 2021, some sports programming moving to USA Network and Peacock

Ring City USA seem like they’ll be sticking around in some form.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With the news today that cable sports channel NBCSN will be shutting down by the end of the year, a lot of TV sports properties are sort of up in the air, including some legitimately valuable stuff, like the NHL (including playoffs) and some NASCAR races.

An internal memo says that “key elements of NBCSN’s programming” will move to USA Network and others to the Peacock streaming service.

As far as boxing goes, the news isn’t that huge, but we have just recently added the Ring City USA series to our lives, and some of us definitely had hopes that this was going to become a solid, dependable outlet.

So what will happen with them? Frankly they don’t have any established audience just yet, and it’s not really a big show, if we’re all honest with ourselves.

But Ring City USA Tweeted that they’ll be sticking around, without any major details:

Hopefully Ring City really will find a way to stick around, either on Peacock or in some other form. For what it has promised to be — a series featuring prospects and competitive matchups — it’s not going to be a big revenue-drawing show, but it also won’t be very expensive, and live sports simply are more valuable to TV and streaming properties than ever. The people behind the series have good ideas and want to see this work, and it really has the potential to be a very welcome regular addition to the boxing schedule.

It’s unlikely we’ll have a concrete answer either way in the coming days or anything, but it was worth mentioning now with the NBCSN news.

For now, Ring City USA’s next show is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25, with a rescheduled main event between unbeaten middleweight Serhii Bohachuk and Brandon Adams.

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