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Mikey Garcia trashes Bob Arum in ‘new year, new me’ rant

Garcia says he’s done holding back his tongue about his bad business dealings with Top Rank.

Back with a new year makeover, Mikey Garcia comes out guns blazing when talking about the prospect of him ever working with Bob Arum and his Top Rank promotions company ever again. Check out what he had to say about his former promoter during this live stream with his fans...

“Will I ever work with Arum again? Honestly, I seriously doubt that. Fuck Arum, piece of shit. I’ma keep it real now, I’m tired of just keeping it always politically correct and trying not to get him upset because all the fighters are still with Top Rank, because my brother still works with Bob Arum and Top Rank — fuck that fool.

“New year, new me. New year, new me — fuck that fool. And he probably didn’t even know what the real problem was with the lawsuit, with the negotiations, he only got one side of the story. You know, he’s the boss so his workers were only telling him their side of the story, making it seem like I’m so difficult to work (with), that I’m asking for large sums of numbers — motherfucker, we never even sat and discussed a single number in a single fight.

“So how can he say that my mind is in the stars asking for all these crazy purses? No. Never sat, never actually discussed anything with him. But the people around him, the other people at Top Rank telling him that I’m crazy, that I’m asking for so much money, just to make him feel like they’re doing their job and that I’m the one being difficult. But that fool don’t even know shit.

“How would you feel if your boss tells you he’s got no job for you? So you tell him, ‘okay, well maybe I can go work for another company’ and he says ‘nope, you can’t go to another company.’

“‘Am I going to work with you?’ ‘Nope.’ The fuck?!

“He don’t care if you got food on the table, if you’re providing for your family or not. He don’t give a fuck. He didn’t give a fuck if I was providing for my family. So how would you feel about that? So that’s why I say fuck him.

“The company itself is a very good company to build a fighter’s career, to build a fighter — they are actually very good at it, I’ve always said it. They’re one of the very best to do it. But when it comes to like a star they’re not always the most fair. They gotta make money, I get it, but I just don’t like that they keep things away in the dark.

“And the track record proves it. De La Hoya left, he made the most money. Mayweather left, he made the most money. Cotto left, made the most money. Chavez Jr left, made the most money. Andy Ruiz left, made the most money. I left, made the most money. There’s a little bit of a pattern here, you know. That’s why.”

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