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Plant vs Truax: Live streaming results, round by round, how to watch online, start time, full card

Caleb Plant defends the IBF super middleweight title tonight against Caleb Truax. Join us for live coverage!

Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions


Round By Round

Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax

Round 1: Plant lands a jab to the body right away, then another moments later. Plant misses on a jab upstairs this time. Truax tries to come forward but walks into more body shots from Plant. Lead left hook lands for Plant, who just misses on a follow up body shot. Plant lands another lead left hook as Truax steps in. Truax lands a jab upstairs but Plant comes right back to the body and then gets back on his own stick. Right to the body lands for Truax. Left to the body lands clean for Plant. Left hook lands for Plant at the end of the round. Plant 10-9.

Round 2: Right hand lead makes contact for Plant this time, who then tries to follow it up by going back down to the body with a left hand. Right hand lead lands for Plant. Plant is extremely comfortable in there, taking his time as he has no concerns about what Truax is presenting. Lead left hook from Plant gets blocked by Truax this time. Plant lunges in with another lead hook to the head and Truax ducks it. Right hand lands for Plant at the end of a three punch combination. Truax tries a combination but Plant defends it easily. Double left hand from Plant just misses. Plant throws three more punches and makes some contact, then lands a clean left hook to the head. Easy work for Plant so far. Plant 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Plant misses on a jab upstairs but lands one to the body, then lands a right hand downstairs. Plant meets Truax with a jab as Truax comes forward. Jab lands upstairs for Plant. Truax just barely lands a jab of his own. Two more straight punches come from Plant and Truax is having real difficulty mounting any effective offense of his own. Clean left lands upstairs for Plant yet again. Jab lands to the body for Plant. Plant 10-9.

Round 4: Truax tries throw but is met by Plant. Truax tries to come forward and throws a right to the body that doesn’t make much contact. Jab lands to the body for Plant. Clean left hook lead lands for Plant. Truax looks like he’s bleeding from the nose now. Jab and then a hook lands for Plant. Right hand lead from Plant falls short. Plant throws three left hooks in a row but doesn’t make much contact with them. Jab lands clean for Plant. Right hand and left hand lands for Plant, landing a couple more clean shots to the head moments later. Short uppercut lands for Truax this time. Plant 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Jab lands to the body for Plant. Plant misses on his next jab to the head. Left and right from Plant makes contact. Truax still coming forward but Plant is fighting at his own pace and has been cruising since the opening bell, not even having to exert himself much. Counter to the body lands for Plant. Left hook lands again for Plant to the head. Plant jabs down to the body then steps to the side. Clean jab lands for Plant this time. More easy work for Plant. Plant 10-9.

Round 6: Truax falls short on a jab and then finds himself smothering his range as he gets close. Combination comes from Plant who is touching Truax almost at will. Hard jab lands to the body for Plant. Left hook lead misses for Plant but he lands a clean straight right downstairs right after. Jab lands for Plant to the head then body moments later. Right hand lead falls a little short for Plant this time. Jab lands for Plant to the body. Clean left hook lands for Plant as a lead, then a jab. Truax getting busted up. Plant 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Plant measures with a jab to the head then lands one to the body. Another jab to the body lands for Plant. Truax tries to fire back and partially lands a jab of his own. Plant touches the body twice more with his jab. Right hand scores to the body for Plant. Left hook misses for Plant. Truax throws a quick combination as Plant’s back touches the ropes. Clean jab from Plant snaps Truax’s head back. Two more clean jabs snap back Truax’s head again! Another jab from Plant catches Truax clean as he steps forward. Plant 10-9.

Round 8: Truax comes out aggressively but Plant defends himself and avoids taking many real clean punches. Stats have Plant outlanding Truax 95-23 thus far in the fight, demonstrating how one-sided it’s been. Combination comes from Plant and Truax lands a counter right in the middle of it. Truax throws a combination and lands a body shot and one grazing to the head. Plant throws three punches and then sticks a jab to the body. Lab lands for Truax. Two clean left hooks land for Plant and Truax felt those shots as he hunches over a little at the bell. Plant 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Right hand gets in for Plant. Plant throws two jabs upstairs but doesn’t land these. Truax lands a grazing right hand over the top. Plant lands another jab but misses on the follow up hook. Clean jab lands for Plant. Right hand from Truax clipes Plant a little but Plant comes back with a lead hook that lands to the head. Plant lands more jabs and then a counter right on the inside. Now Plant lands a left hook to the body. Jab from Plant lands clean on Traux’s face. Right hand lead lands for Traux. Plant comes back to center ring and lands a jab. Plant 10-9.

Round 10: Plant starts with a jab to establish range. Plant throws two shots and then steps forward and lands a left hook to the head. Plant looks like he wants to do a little more damage as he steps on the gas here. Right hand lead lands again for Traux and Plant might have a little swelling under his left eye. Plant throws three punches and lands a clean jab at the end of it that really knocks Truax’s head back. Right hand from Truax makes partial contact upstairs. Plant lands a clean jab again. Plant goes on the attack in the final 10 seconds and he’s still clearly in control of this fight. Plant 10-9, 100-90.

Round 11: Truax comes forward and throws a jab that falls short. Double jab comes from Truax this time. Plant throws his own jab to the body. Two punches come from Plant as Truax covers up. Jab lands upstairs for Plant. Right hand lead scores well for Plant this time. Jab from Plant pops Truax’s head up. Check hook makes contact for Plant, then a jab that again snaps Truax’s head back. Right hand from Truax comes over the top and glances off Plant’s head. Plant throws another combination. Plant 10-9.

Round 12: Truax’s corner tells him he has to go for broke in this round. Plant misses on a quick combination and then throws another that also doesn’t land clean. Truax lands a short right hand over the top but it doesn’t have much steam on it. Jab lands to the body for Plant. Another jab from Plant pushes Truax back. Jab lands clean for Plant. Counter uppercut makes some contact for Plant this time. Plant sticks another jab to the body. Another combination comes from Plant and he lands a couple of solid punches. Plant unloads with Truax in the corner as he tries to pour it on but Truax escapes the corner and gets back to center ring. Jab and hook lands for Plant. Easy fight for Plant. Plant 10-9, 120-108.

Michael Coffie vs Darmani Rock

Round 1: Rock misses on a counter jab. Jab lands for Rock this time but Coffie lands right back and then ends up in close with Rock. Coffie gets back to mid range and pops a jab that falls a little short. Stiff jab comes from Rock. Left hook from Rock makes a little contact as he leaps in. Left hand from Coffie scores. Double jab from Coffie falls short. Rock tries a jab to the body. Lead left hook makes glancing contact for Coffie. Rock lands a jab, Coffie gets one back. I slightly edge this round to Coffie. Coffie 10-9.

Round 2: Coffie stalks forward and lands a jab to the body. Both fighters end up in a clinch and try to fight their way out but the referee has to break them. Jab lands for Coffie downstairs. Good straight left scores to the body for Coffie this time. Rock lands a stiff jab this time. Rock jabs the body downstairs as Coffie covers up and stands his ground. Left hook lead scores for Coffie. Now Coffie lands a chopping right hand in close, then an uppercut and Rock stumbles to the canvas. Referee calls it push down. Hard left to the body lands for Coffie, then another. Rock leaning on Coffie against the ropes to stifle his offense. Rock lands a jab. Coffie 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Rock tries to start with a quick combination catching Coffie a little off guard. Monster counter uppercut from Coffie puts Rock down! Rock just barely beats the 10-count! Left hook to the body and then to the head puts Rock right back on the canvas. He can’t get up! Coffie KO-3.

Joey Spencer vs Isiah Seldon

Round 1: Seldon tries a body shot taht doesn’t land clean and Spencer tries to come back with a counter. Looping right hand from Seldon makes glancing contact. Jab to the body scores for Spencer. Seldon jabs to the should two times as he steps forward. Spencer lands a jab to the body. Check hook and a CLEAN RIGHT HAND PUTS SELDON DOWN HARD! That was picture perfect! Seldon gets up and wants to continue but he got caught clean. Spencer steps in and loops in a shot and Seldon lands behind the head and gets TWO points taken away by the referee. Left hook to the body lands for Spencer. Right hand lead puts Seldon down and the referee waves it off immediately! Seldon is irate because he got up and wanted to continue. Referee threatens to take Seldon’s paycheck if he doesn’t calm down. Spencer TKO-1.

Tonight at 8 pm ET on FOX, Caleb Plant returns to action to defend the IBF super middleweight title against former titleholder Caleb Truax, as we finally find out which man is boxing’s top Caleb.

Prelims will begin at 6 pm ET, also on FOX, and Wil Esco will be on round-by-round coverage for the main card starting at 8 ET, and featuring three fights total.

Plant, 28, isn’t just looking to retain his IBF belt, as there is also a huge potential chance for him to fight Canelo Alvarez later this year should he do so. With Alvarez looking to win all four belts at super middleweight and having already grabbed the WBC and WBA titles, WBO titleholder Billy Joe Saunders is tentatively agreed for a May bout with Canelo. If Alvarez wins on Feb. 27 against Avni Yildirim and then in May against Saunders, the IBF belt would be the only one he doesn’t have.

How to Watch Plant vs Truax

Date: Saturday, Jan. 30 | Start Time: 8 pm ET (Main Card) / 6 pm ET (Prelims)
Location: Shrine Exposition Center - Los Angeles, CA
TV: FOX (Main Card) / FOX (Prelims)
Online Coverage:

For the 37-year-old Truax, this is likely the last chance he’s going to get at a world title, so he’ll be looking to make it count. And there is that small, outside chance he could also find himself in the ring with Canelo this year should he upset Plant, at which point he’d probably have to rematch Plant and win again. But that’s the path, difficult as it may be.

Heavyweights Michael Coffie and Darmani Rock will also meet in a 10-rounder, and middleweight prospect Joey Spencer will be in action on FOX, too. The FS1 prelims are headlined by former two-weight titleholder Rances Barthelemy facing All Rivera in a 10-round welterweight fight.

Prelims (FOX, 6:00 pm ET)

  • Rances Barthelemy (27-1-1, 14 KO) vs All Rivera (21-4, 18 KO), welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Atif Oberlton (debut) vs Nathan Sharp (4-2, 4 KO), light heavyweights, 4 rounds
  • Brandyn Lynch (10-1, 8 KO) vs Marcos Hernandez (14-4-1, 3 KO), middleweights, 8 rounds

Main Card (FOX, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Caleb Plant (20-0, 12 KO) vs Caleb Truax (31-4-2, 19 KO), super middleweights, 12 rounds, for Plant’s IBF title
  • Michael Coffie (11-0, 8 KO) vs Darmani Rock (17-0, 12 KO), heavyweights, 10 rounds
  • Joey Spencer (11-0, 8 KO) vs Isiah Seldon (14-3-1, 5 KO), middleweights, middleweights, 8 rounds

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