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Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder a sore loser for refusing to shake hands after third fight

Fury says he went over to congratulate Wilder on a good scrap but was rebuffed by a poor sport.

Following his exciting knockout win over Deontay Wilder in this past weekend’s trilogy fight, Tyson Fury sat down to talk to reporters about his thoughts on the fight and explains how Wilder continued to demonstrate poor sportsmanship even after getting beat fairly once again. Check out some excerpts below.

Fury on what he was thinking about he got dropped twice in Round 4

“Not a great deal. You mess with fire for long enough you’re gonna get burned. I’ve had three fights with the biggest puncher in the history of my sport, in my division, and he caught me. He caught me twice in the fourth round, but I was never thinking like ‘oh, this is over’. I was thinking ‘okay, good shot, but I will get you back in a minute’ and I did.

“I was very conscious, I saw the ref go ‘three, four’ and I was always there, you know. He shook me, he put me down, and that’s boxing. And it’s life as well. It’s not about how many times you get put down, or how many times you lose or win, it’s about how you can come back and keep getting back up and keep moving forward.”

On if Wilder came in better for this fight

“Yeah, he improved. He worked on his boxing and stuff. It was a different fight, it was a much different fight from fight two, and a much different fight from fight one — he came in real heavy tonight, like 238lbs and I believe that helped him and he was definitely hitting solid.

“We fought all out there and all the allegations that they made towards me, like throughout the build up of this fight, and we fought like two warriors in there. I went over to shake his hand and say ‘well done’ and he was like ‘no, I don’t respect you’. I’m like ‘how can you say I’ve cheated when you know in your own heart and your full team knows you just got beat fair and square?’ So it’s just like he’s a sore loser in boxing. I’m sure he’s not the first one and he won’t be the last one but I’ve acted like a gentleman throughout my career and that’s all I can do.”

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