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Canelo Alvarez talks unification with Caleb Plant, expecting an easy fight, who he could face next, and more

Canelo joins Brian Custer to answer questions about some hot topics in boxing.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During the latest installment of Brian Custer’s The Last Stand podcast, Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez makes an appearance and fields questions from Custer and fans alike about his upcoming undisputed unification bout with Caleb Plant and what could possibly come afterwards. Check out some excerpts below.

Canelo on what it would mean to become undisputed champion at 168lbs

“It means a lot for my legacy. This fight is really important for us, for me, for Mexico, for the fans, for me team, because I’m going to be the first Mexican-American fighter to be undisputed champion. So for me it’s really important because at the end of the day I just want to make history.”

On his face off with Caleb Plant during their press conference

“I just (took off my sunglasses for the face off) because I want to see the eyes good. But he don’t take his glasses off so, it doesn’t matter. But when I push him, you see when he’s coming I just see something, ‘he’s gonna throw something or do something’ so that’s why.”

On if he was aggravated by Plant calling him a drug cheat or being called a ‘motherfucker’

“The thing (that) bother me when he said ‘you motherfucker’ — for us that means a lot. So for Mexicans it means a lot so that’s why for me he crossed the line and that’s why I push him.”

On Andre Ward working with Plant in the lead up to this fight

“I really don’t care. I really don’t care, at the end of the day it’s me and him so I don’t care who train him and what he do, I’m gonna be in the ring with him and do my things and I have more experience, I have skills, and I’m gonna show that.”

On saying that he wants to break Plant’s jaw and Plant saying he has to back that up in the ring

“And I will, soon.”

On Plant’s assertion that Canelo has the most difficulty dealing with boxers

“A long time ago. We’ll see, but that’s a long time ago but I’m way different now. Way different fighter now so we’ll see November 6th. I’m more mature, more strong, more complete fighter with more experience. I’m a complete fighter now, I’m at my peak.”

On predicting that he’ll easily stop Plant within 8 rounds

“The first rounds is going to be difficult because of his style, but I know, I know how to break down that style. So maybe after five rounds I’m gonna do my things.”

On if he likens this fight to his previous bout against Billy Joe Saunders

“Yeah, same but different because Billy Joe Saunders southpaw and Caleb Plant is orthodox. I think it’s going to be maybe a little easy for me.”

On if he’ll stay at 168 to defend his titles should he beat Plant or move to another weight class

“We don’t know. We just have this goal, we just have this goal in a short time to unify these belts and after this we don’t know. We going to rest a little bit and then we’ll see. But I want to do the best fights out there.

“I just want to fight the fights that people want and make history, so that’s the only thing I want.”

On if he can see himself joining PBC or fighting on Showtime regularly from now on

“We don’t know. I just want to fight with everybody and have relationship with all the promoters and do the best fights out there, and if I need to fight with Showtime on PBC, I’m good. If I need to fight on DAZN with Eddie Hearn, I’m good. So I just want to do the best fights out there.”

On what he thought of Wilder-Fury 3

“Great fight. I think Wilder needs more condition, more moves. He don’t know how to move the head, so it’s difficult when you don’t have condition and you don’t know how to move. So that’s why Tyson Fury beat him. Tyson Fury’s a great fighter.”

On Jake Paul saying he’d like to fight him within the next year or two

Oh man [sighs] I don’t know. We’ll see, you never know.”

On why he refuses to fight Demetrius Andrade

“Nah, he’s a horrible fighter. I’m never going to fight with him. He fought with (nobody) so...[shrugs].”

On if he could realistically fight Errol Spence

“We don’t know. In boxing you never know but we’ll see. He’ a great fighter, he wants to come my way — okay. If no, I’m okay.”

On if he’d consider moving back to 175 to fight Bivol or Beterbiev

“Yes, why not?”

On how many more years he plans to fight

“Seven more years.”

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