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Moises Fuentes suffered brain injury in knockout loss to David Cuellar

Fuentes had to undergo emergency surgery to reduce the swelling in his brain.

David Cuellar v Moises Fuentes Photo by Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It’s with regret that I inform you all that former titleholder Moises Fuentes (25-7-1, 14 KOs) was forced to undergo emergency brain surgery stemming from his knockout loss to David Cuellar over the weekend in Mexico.

ESPN cites Fuentes’ promoter, Oswaldo Kuchle, who says that Fuentes was discovered to have a blood clot in his brain following the KO, and that the fighter remains in a medically induced coma as everyone waits to see how well he recovers.

“His surgery went well, we believe that we could have more information in a couple of days,” Kuchle said. “The next 72 hours is very critical to see how he recuperates from swelling in the brain. Right now he’s stable. There’s nothing to do but wait and see how he comes out of this.”

This is obviously the latest in a string of tragedies that continues to be something of a black cloud over the sport, and we certainly all wish that nothing gets worse for Fuentes here and that he recovers as best and as soon as possible.

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