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Timothy Bradley says no one between 168 to 175 is equipped to beat Canelo Alvarez

Bradley looks at the boxing landscape and breaks down why there’s not much legitimate competition for Canelo around his weight class.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a recent conversation with boxing analyst Timothy Bradley, he breaks down why he doesn’t think there’s anyone out that has a real chance to beat Canelo Alvarez between super middleweight and light heavyweight. Bradley quickly breaks down some names at 175 that he doesn’t think can stand up to Canelo’s ability, and then throws out a name you don’t hear very often when it comes to Canelo. Check out some excerpts of what Bradley had to say below.

“You got to having punching power to get respect because he’ll walk straight through you,” Bradley began. “He’ll put the high guard up, he’ll walk straight to you, slip and make you pay. You got to be able to fight on the inside and negate his inside game, his work. You got to be able to move a little bit on him, especially when he covers up because you can go around the sides when you have guys that put those ear muffs on.

“It’s gonna take a smart guy to beat a guy like Canelo and I don’t really see the guy — not at 168 and not at 175. I’m looking, they’re saying Beterbiev. I’m like ‘Beterbiev can punch but he eats shots. He eats shots for a living, straight line. Great technical on the inside but he eats shots.’ Canelo’s going to be able to (land), move on him, and make him pay.

“Bivol, same thing. Bivol, good technician, but he (fights in straight lines too). It’s nothing hard to figure out. He had a challenge his last fight...and he don’t fight often either. Too much inactivity.

“Let’s see, who else? ...The guy that we don’t talk about much and we don’t see much of is Gilberto Ramirez...He’s strong, he’s consistent, he’s a southpaw, he got every punch in boxing, he can take a punch, he’s been in the trenches, he’s a champion, he’s undefeated, he’s hungry — but we don’t see much of him. But I think he will be a good fight for Canelo. I don’t know if he can beat (Canelo) but I know it’ll be a hell of a fight if they were to fight.”

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