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Jake Paul fires back on Claressa Shields after her MMA loss: “The fake always get exposed”

“The fake always get exposed,” Jake Paul said of Claressa Shields’ loss in PFL.

Jake Paul was quick to fire back at Claressa Shields after her MMA loss
Jake Paul was quick to fire back at Claressa Shields after her MMA loss
Katelyn Mulcahy and Elsa/Getty Images

Claressa Shields made a little noise this week by saying she could spar with just her left hand and “embarrass” Jake Paul in a boxing ring, so Paul got right to trolling Shields after her loss in PFL MMA on Wednesday night:

“The truth hurts but it’s necessary,” Paul wrote. “Clarissa (sic) Shields is a loser. In MMA, and even more so with her prima donna attitude. The fake always get exposed. Losses come when anger and hate take over. Just ask (Ronda) Rousey and (Conor) McGregor. She spent more time berating Jake Paul than learning Jiu Jitsu.”

Paul also gave a shout-out to Amanda Serrano, the multiple-division boxing champion he signed to a promotional deal in September, after she featured on the Paul-Woodley PPV in August.

“(Shields has) never been a big draw and unfortunately for her she never will be. Amanda Serrano (the GWOAT), though, has 30 KOs in 42 fights. 2-0 in MMA, both wins by submission. Congrats Abigail Montes on the win.”

For the moment, Shields is set to return to boxing on December 11, going to the United Kingdom to defend three middleweight title belts against Ema Kozin. Paul has not made an announcement about his boxing career, and seems to be actually taking the time away he wanted after his win over Tyron Woodley.

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