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Showtime executive calls accusations against Rolando Romero ‘disturbing’, looking into the matter seriously

Romero is scheduled for a Showtime PPV main event with Gervonta Davis on Dec. 5.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Fight Hype was able to catch up with Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza to discuss a number of topics, including the allegations made against lightweight Rolando Romero, who is scheduled to headline in a Dec. 5 pay-per-view with Gervonta Davis that will be hosted by the network.

When asked about the claims of sexual assault made against Romero, Espinoza responded:

“Obviously those are disturbing allegations, very concerning,” Espinoza responded. “At this point we’re still monitoring the situation, looking to find out all the facts. And until we feel like we have a firm grasp we’re not gonna comment further, but it is something we’re looking into very seriously.”

Espinoza was then asked whether or not he thinks Romero has a legitimate shot to beat Gervonta Davis in their scheduled fight.

“He’s got a puncher’s chance. You catch Tank, you catch anybody the right way, anybody is vulnerable. People can say Rolly’s sort of non-traditional, he’s a little different in his style — it really doesn’t matter. When you can punch that hard you’re always a risk.”

You can catch more of what Espinoza has to say on numerous topics in the full video link above.

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