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Fury vs Wilder 3: Deontay Wilder looking to show more dimensions to his game in trilogy match

Deontay Wilder not only has big plans for this rematch, but says he’s willing to unify with Usyk right after with a win.

With Saturday’s heavyweight title fight now just days away, both fighters have shown up to Las Vegas and have talked with the media about their thoughts on this weekend’s impending battle. Here, Wilder fields some media questions about his expectations for the bout. You watch the full video with some excerpts below.

On his training camp for this third fight with Tyson Fury

“I believe in what we’ve been doing in camp. I believe in my team and the ability that I have. Like I said, Malik (Scott) has brought the best out of me, things that I haven’t done ‘cause I haven’t had to — but to bring it out and be able to do it on a consistent basis, I think it’s gonna be beneficial for me and I’m looking forward to displaying my talent and ability up inside the ring.

“Everyone knows I have power and my power never diminish from the 1st through the 12th. But I want to show a little bit more. Like I said, I’m gonna beat him up and I’m gonna knock him out.”

On what he’s been working on with Scott as his lead trainer

“We’ve been working on everything. We haven’t left no stones unturned.”

On being the underdog to Fury

“I mean, I love being the underdog. A lot of fighters love being the underdog because when you’re the underdog you have nothing to lose and everything to prove. It’s less pressure upon you. I love being in this position. God don’t make mistakes, he allows certain things to happen for a reason...”

On if he intends to pursue an undisputed unification with Oleksandr Usyk should he beat Fury

“Most definitely. I like what Usyk said, he predicted that I would knock Fury out and he had no doubt that he would knock Joshua out and then after that he want to get straight to it because he’s older and he means business and I feel that he’s an honorable man and I think he will stick to his word, because a lot of people get the belt and then start acting funny with it. But with him, I think he’s a warrior and he means his words so I’m looking forward to that because the only way I’m gonna be able to retire is if I achieve ‘one champion, one face, one name’.”

On whether or not there could be a fourth fight between Fury and himself

“This is it, this close this book of me and Fury. This is it.”

On if he wants to end Fury’s career in this fight

“I mean, that’s up to the man himself. I’m not here to decide on another man’s fate, whether he retires or not, that have to be within the man. We all know our body, we know what it’s been through, we know our conditioning and we know what position we hold in life. I know I have my time when I want to leave and I got goals to accomplish before I do that and I’m gonna fulfill that and then I’m out of here.”

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