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David Benavidez: Canelo Alvarez hasn’t fought me for a reason, I’m not an easy fight for him

David Benavidez will be hoping that a Saturday night win lands him a fight with Canelo Alvarez.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

David Benavidez is set to return Saturday night on Showtime, where he’ll face Kyrone Davis in a short-notice main event.

With a win, Benavidez will be hoping to potentially secure a May 2022 date with Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed super middleweight king and clear top fighter in the division right now.

Benavidez spoke about Canelo, plus his ongoing beef with Jermall Charlo, this weekend’s fight, and his brother Jose’s return to action on Saturday’s Showtime card.

On Jermall Charlo

“I would love to get a fight with Charlo. We could fight and the winner could fight Canelo, I think it’s only fair. ... I think he’s just trying to skip the line but everybody’s trying to cash that paycheck.”

On possibly fighting Canelo on Cinco De Mayo weekend

“Two great Mexican fighters going at each other. Nobody’s going to back down from each other, so it’s definitely gonna be a banger.”

On how long he can stay at 168

“A while more. I feel like the diet has been taken care of pretty good, and right now we’re not really struggling. Making weight is always going to be hard for anybody. It’s not easy for anybody. As long as we have a good routine, a good diet, I think we can make it for a couple more years.”

On Kyrone Davis

“I know he fought Anthony Dirrell. ... He doesn’t really have that much punching power, but he’s never been knocked out, so I want to be the first guy to knock him out. He’s more of a boxer but he doesn’t really move around too much — he’s more of a counter-puncher, I should say. He’s still a live dog. I gotta be cautious in the beginning, figure out his rhythm, figure out a game plan, and then execute.”

On whether Davis will be tougher than Jose Uzcategui

“I don’t know. I can’t say that because I’ve sparred Uzcategui but I haven’t fought him. I can’t say if he’s a tougher opponent until I’ve fought both of them. But with Uzcategui, he had a lot of punching power, had a lot of knockouts, he was an ex-champion, so I would say Uzcategui is the tougher opponent. But (Davis) knows it’s a big opportunity for him, so he’s extremely ready, and I’m extremely ready.”

On his brother Jose’s return

“I’m excited for him to come back. I’ve been sparring with him. His punching power looks good, and the most important thing of all is he’s hungry. He’s hungry to come back and show the people. He’s excited like I’m excited to fight in front of our fans (in Phoenix). I haven’t fought in front of a live audience in two years. My last fights have been in a bubble, so having (the fans) back in the mix, it’s an extra motivation.”

On if he’d have already fought Canelo if he hadn’t missed weight last year

“I don’t know, I can’t say. If I would have been an easy target, they would have took me already. ... If I was such an easy fight — I’m a two-time world champion, if I was that easy to take out, they would have did it already, because it’s a good name on their resume. But they haven’t done it for a reason.”

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