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Gabriel Rosado talks fight with Jaime Munguia, expects explosive action

Munguia and Rosado collide tomorrow night on DAZN.

Ahead of tomorrow night’s DAZN main event between Jaime Munguia and Gabriel Rosado, Rosado takes some time to field questions from reporters about his expectations for the bout and dives a little into his mindset along with what he’ll be looking to accomplish.

Rosado on if he’s trained to counter looping punches from Munguia

“Yeah, you know, we worked on many things: pressure, counters. We pretty much worked on everything because it really comes down to adjustments. Who knows what kind of style he’s going to come in with, he can come in aggressively, he can come in trying to box. So the key is to work on everything and make sure you’re able to make adjustments. At this point in the game I don’t just work on an overhand right or a left hook. I’m working on everything, I’m working on footwork, I’m working on jabs. I’m working on being a complete fighter on Saturday.”

On if he’s looking to KO Munguia

“This is a statement fight. This is a fight that I’ve gotta win for my family, I gotta win for me, I gotta win for legacy. So I’m not going in there to throw pit-a-pat shots and try to box my way to a decision. If it goes to the scorecards, the goal is to win every round and be dominant but every punch is gonna be with mean intentions. I’m gonna try to set them up to get the knockout.”

On if his numerous close decision losses have made him more eager to look for the KO

“Well it’s not that I necessarily think I can’t win a decision but, you know, what’s happened in the past has definitely makes me want to be more aggressive — and when I say aggressive I don’t mean reckless. But it makes me want to sit on my shots more, definitely to where I can create more opportunities to get a knockout. This guy’s a young kid, a former champion, so I expect him to bring it all and I’m bringing my all, man. I’m willing to go through the fire to come out victorious.”

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