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Galahad vs Martinez: Kid Galahad misses weight, makes it on second try, gloves issues for undercard fights

Kid Galahad didn’t make weight on a first try, and there are some gloves issues with undercard bouts, but tomorrow’s show looks set to go on.

Kid Galahad took two tries to make weight for his fight with Kiko Martinez
Kid Galahad took two tries to make weight for his fight with Kiko Martinez
Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing
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Kid Galahad missed weight on his first try today, but made it on the second go, meaning he still has the IBF featherweight title and will defend on Saturday against Kiko Martinez in a DAZN main event.

Galahad (28-1, 17 KO) stripped down to still be just barely over the 126 lb limit on the first try, and came back within the hour to make weight. It’s the first title defense for Galahad, who won the belt in August by beating Jazza Dickens.

“It was not an issue, we checked on our scales we always use before the fight, and our scales were perfectly bang-on,” trainer Dominic Ingle told Fraser Dainton. “We got to the scales at (the weigh-in), and they were slightly over. He had to drop maybe an ounce, that was it. It was easy enough.”

Ingle said there’s no concern in their corner over the issue. “He never has a problem making weight. He’s big for the weight, but he knows how to make the weight. It’s a process. People read a lot into it — ‘Oh, he’s struggled to make the weight.’ Fighters always struggle to make the weight, no matter what. That’s what they do. Nobody makes it easy. It’s just part of the game.”

Martinez (42-10-2, 29 KO) made weight at 125¼ lbs, under the featherweight limit for his third shot at a 126 lb world title after winning one at 122 in 2013.

Gloves issues for Harper vs Baumgardner and Billiam-Smith vs Bregeon

There were also some bits of interest with the choices gloves on the main two undercard bouts, one of which will see Terri Harper defend the WBC junior lightweight title against Alycia Baumgardner, the other with Chris Billam-Smith defending his European cruiserweight title against Dylan Bregeon.

“I think their gloves are stuck in transit, ours haven’t arrived either. We’re both wearing a different style of glove to what we’re used to, but we’re quite happy to just box,” Billam-Smith trainer Shane McGuigan said. “I know Everlast Powerlocks are a good set of gloves, so we’ll just wear them. It’s just standard commotion.”

The Bregeon side were less easygoing about things. “This is their big fight, their big moment to shine, so they want everything to shine,” McGuigan added. “You’ve got to respect it, but kicking up a fuss like that — I mean, look, it’s not like one’s wearing a different set of gloves and has got an advantage. We’re both wearing the same set of gloves, so we’re happy.”

“It’s exciting, it’s interesting. So we’ve got one pair they’re not happy with, but they’re happy with the other two,” Harper trainer Stefy Bull said of their situation. “But they’re all the same. It is what it is. These are the mind games, the little bits where nerves are kicking in. The fight’s real, it’s tomorrow, and everybody wants to check what gloves are what.”

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