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Joseph Diaz Jr not taking world title opportunity against Devin Haney lightly

Diaz says he’s both physically and mentally preparing himself to take full advantage of this world title shot.

During this video interview with Fight Hub TV, lightweight Joseph Diaz Jr. takes some questions about how he’s feeling heading into his upcoming WBC world title fight with Devin Haney. Check out some excerpts of what Diaz had to say below.

Diaz on his preparations to face Haney

“I’m making sure that I’m covering all the bases — not just physically training everyday, busting my ass every single day physically — but mentally as well, just making sure that I’m prepared for this moment, making sure that I’m praying and continuing to keep on that right path. I just feel like this is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m not taking it lightly at all. I’m taking full responsibility for it.”

On saying Haney lacks the heart to beat him

“I just don’t feel like he has that dog in him and I’m gonna showcase to everybody what I’m talking about come fight night. He hasn’t been in deep waters like I have inside the pro ring. And I just feel like once I take him there it’s gonna be hard for him to adapt because he’s never been there before, and I’ve been there multiple times where I’m gonna be able to have that experience, have that knowledge to overcome whatever obstacle that is put in front of me that night.”

On his current feelings towards Ryan Garcia who pulled out of their fight with an injury

“It’s an awesome feeling being in the spot that I’m at because at the end of the day I want to take on all the tough challengers and Ryan Garcia, he always just talks shit, man. I don’t take him serious, I don’t think anybody takes him serious anymore given the fact that he’s always pulling out, faking injuries and stuff. So once we get that fight contract or once he actually agrees and we’re in that ring and I see him across the ring, then I know it’s the real deal and that we’re fighting. But other than that I don’t even want to hear what Ryan Garcia tries to bring to the table.”

On the stakes between Haney and himself, considering the loser will take a big step back

“I think about it a lot but I use it as motivation because I know that this is a sink or swim situation for both fighters. We’re both tough fighters and we’re both experienced fighters but I feel like this fight right here is gonna take the winner’s career to the next pedestal and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to come out victorious that night, and I just can’t wait until December 4th.”

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