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Crawford vs Porter: Kenny Porter admits he hasn’t been thrilled by the sparring work Shawn got during training camp

The trainer opens up on his feelings about Shawn Porter’s training camp.

During a media interview with trainer Kenny Porter ahead of this weekend’s title fight between Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter, Kenny keeps it honest about one thing in training camp which he wishes they could’ve done better instead of simply giving the standard ‘training camp was great’ response. Check out what he had to say below just a couple days before the big fight.

“You know what?’ Kenny Porter began. “If there was one thing about the camp that I wasn’t real happy about — and I keep that real, people ask the same question all the time, ‘how was camp?’ and then you get the same answer, ‘camp was great!’ — everybody says that, right? Nah. The one thing was we didn’t get the sparring I really wanted. We got sparring, no doubt, but the guy we’re fighting, we needed more.

“I wanted some more high level guys who could switch. I only had one really good one and he was good at it but he was lighter in weight. So he’s only like 145lbs. But he was really good at it — he’s actually my fighter — he’s really good at it but he’s only 145lbs. Then plus, Shawn don’t wanna hit our guy that hard, you know. We got some work with Andre Dirrell, we got some work with Caleb Plant, we probably got a dozen rounds with Caleb Plant. We got a good six out of Andre Dirrell. We got some work with Denis Douglin, we got work with Tank.

“But it wasn’t like we got to work with Andre Dirrell for a whole entire week or two weeks, we got to work with Tank for two weeks or anything. It was like guys was switching in and out. Now the only thing I can say in defense of that, not necessarily a defense but, on the other side of that is Terence probably had the same problem; you can’t find a Shawn Porter. So we couldn’t find a Terence Crawford. If there was any one thing that I looked at in the camp that stands out, we couldn’t find a Terence Crawford to spar with but he couldn’t find a Shawn Porter.”

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