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Crawford vs Porter: Timothy Bradley predicts Shawn Porter’s game plan for Terence Crawford

Bradley says Porter can’t come straight at Crawford so expects him to do some boxing.

During this media interview with former titleholder turned analyst Timothy Bradey, Bradley breaks down how he sees Saturday’s fight between Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter and what he thinks Porter has to do in order to have a chance to win. Check out some excerpts from Bradley below.

“I believe Porter might even start off boxing this fight,” Bradley said. “I don’t think he’s gonna come directly at Terence. You can’t go straight directly at a counterpuncher. You can’t. Especially one that’s long like Crawford. I think he might start off boxing, moving, like when he fought against Ugas, taking his time and being patient. He gonna have to be patient. They say he should maul — no — be patient. There’s gonna come a time where he’s gonna have to step inside the pocket and find a way to get inside the pocket.

“But this is where it gets tricky. When he does start landing, what I’ve seen on the video is Crawford makes adjustments. You might’ve caught him with that shot early on but you don’t get it again. And then he sets you up.

“Let me give an example; Kell Brook. Kell Brook landed the right to the body several times, he switched to southpaw, he took his jab away because his jab was giving Crawford problems. Took his jab away by turning southpaw, how here’s battling here, on top (with the lead hands). But Brook, what did he do? He attempted to throw the body shot downstairs, straight right hand down to the body, and when he did that he got caught with the right hook from Crawford. Set him up. That’s the difference.”

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