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Leonard Ellerbe backs Caleb Plant to upset Canelo Alvarez

The Mayweather Promotions CEO shares his thoughts on this weekend’s undisputed title fight.

During this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Mayweather Promotions executive Leonard Ellerbe shares his perspective on this weekend’s undisputed super middleweight title fight between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant. Unlike most, Ellerbe is picking Plant to upset Canelo as he believes in Plant’s boxing ability and has seen Canelo lose rounds before. Check out what Ellerbe had to say below.

Ellerbe on whether or not Plant can pull out the win over Canelo

“Of course he can (pull off the upset). I’m expecting him to win the fight. He’s a tremendous fighter, he hadn’t had this kind of opportunity before but I’m very confident he’ll rise to the occasion. And that’s all a fighter needs sometimes, is the platform and the opportunity. Canelo’s a tremendous fighter, he’s one of the top fighters out there right now. But people thinking that he’s just gonna walk through Caleb...boxing don’t work like that.

“Rounds are scored round by round by round, okay. I’ve seen this guy get outboxed in rounds. Why would I think Caleb Plant doesn’t have the ability to do that when I know what he’s capable of doing.

“(Canelo’s) a good fighter but he can be beaten. We’ve already seen that. Floyd made him look like he never boxed before, you know what I’m saying? But that’s Floyd Mayweather, and I’m not comparing Caleb to Floyd Mayweather, but I’m saying that I’ve seen Canelo’s fights, I’ve seen him lose rounds against Billy Joe Saunders, I’ve seen him lose rounds against Kovalev, just to name those two. So what would make me think that Caleb Plant can’t win rounds?! I didn’t say he was gonna stop the guy, but who knows what happens in boxing.

“This guy is not invincible. He’s a fighter, he’s a very good fighter, but do I think Caleb Plant’s gonna beat him? Yes, he’s gonna beat him.”

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