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Shawn Porter says Jaron Ennis is ready for all the top names at welterweight

Porter can’t help but acknowledge that Ennis is a real problem for the 147lb division.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Former welterweight titleholder Shawn Porter talks a bit about how impressed he was with Jaron Ennis’ first round knockout of Thomas Dulorme, saying he knows Ennis is ready to jump in with creme of the crop. Check out some of what Porter had to say on the up-and-coming welterweight below.

Porter on what he thought of Ennis’ performance against Dulorme

“He’s too much. He’s just too much. When you’ve got somebody who’s just so intuitive in the ring, so intelligent in the ring, and then got the speed and the quickness, the agility, the power, clearly, the everything to back it up, it’s like he’s too much. And he was too much for Dulorme...

“I think there was a little piece of me that was hyped up on him getting in the ring so as soon as the first knockdown happened it was like ‘Jaron doing Jaron’. And then when the fight ended, I think he earned that. Dulrome’s not washed up, Dulorme’s not over the hill. I think if Dulrome had the opportunity he would have made it a fight, but Jaron is too much.”

On if Ennis would beat the top welterweights in the division right now

“I’m not gonna answer that question....He’s ready (to contend with them). He’s ready...when you ready, you ready. It’s only a matter of time before you prove that to everyone but when you been watching as long as I’ve been watching, I feel like I have that eye in sports, in general...Jaron has the it.”

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