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Gervonta Davis not convinced Shawn Porter is really retired from boxing

Tank Davis believes Shawn Porter announced his retirement in the heat of the moment last Saturday.

Ahead of his scheduled fight against Isaac Cruz, Mayweather Promotions star Gervonta Davis shares his perspective on Shawn Porter’s retirement announcement and why he doesn’t think it’ll stick for good.

On his recent sparring session with Porter and Porter’s recent retirement

“I think it was good I got in there with somebody like Shawn, build my confidence. I think (he announced his retirement) off the heat of the moment type stuff, like he frustrated that he didn’t get the outcome that he really wanted. But I don’t think he’s really retired, probably take a rest. He needs it. He’s been fighting for a long time so if you take that big rest it will probably help him in the long run.”

On Porter saying he’s one of the top skilled fighters in the sport

“I’m thankful, I appreciate him for saying that . I always knew that I was one of them top guys, it’s just people been in the boxing world been overlooking my skills thinking I just bang out and stuff like that, I get guys outta there early and stuff like that. But just seeing me get my flowers while I’m here, it means a lot.

“I always knew that I was a top guy, it’s just people don’t give me my credit. I don’t know why. I don’t know, but I always knew I was a top guy from the start.”

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