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Khan vs Brook: Amir Khan and Kell Brook go face-to-face on ‘Gloves Are Off’

Check out a teaser from Khan and Brook’s conversation with Johnny Nelson.

With Amir Khan and Kell Brook officially scheduled to duke it out on Feb. 19 to settle their longtime feud, Sky Sports releases a snippet of the Gloves Are Off where both fighters sit down for a conversation with Johnny Nelson to discuss their impending battle. Needless to say as with anything Khan-Brook, the two fighters couldn’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

“I can see right through your eyes,” Khan said to Brook. “You’ve lost the fight already. Honestly, I can see inside you, you’ve lost the fight.

“You are empty inside,” Khan continued. “You’re scared, deep down, that’s why you’re talking so much.”

“No, it’s because I want you to know — I want you to look at me and understand that I’m gonna be over with you when you’re out cold,” Brook responded. “You’re getting knocked out, you know what it’s like to be knocked spark out, don’t you? It’s gonna happen again.”

Expect for the war of words between these two to continually ramp up as we near closer to the February fight date.

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