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Jermall Charlo talks Canelo vs Plant, desire to face winner, Golovkin, Benavidez, more

Jermall Charlo has the desire to fight Canelo Alvarez or Gennadiy Golovkin sometime next year, among other possibilities.

Jermall Charlo wants a “mega-fight” in 2022, and names Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin as possible foes Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Jermall Charlo doesn’t have a fight scheduled at the moment, but the reigning WBC middleweight titleholder will have a close eye on Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant on Saturday night, and also spoke with the PBC Podcast about two other possible fights: Gennadiy Golovkin and David Benavidez, among other topics.

On what’s coming next for Jermall Charlo

“Right now, it’s still up for grabs. Everyone is fighting right now, everyone that would be on the radar, so we’re just going to let everything play out and figure out where to move from there.”

“We want to put together a mega-fight. Canelo called me out, maybe we’ll see what happens (after his fight with Plant). (Demetrius) Andrade’s been talking, and (Gennadiy) Golovkin is about to unify (with Ryota Murata), so maybe we can fight for all the belts or something like that. We’ll figure it out.”

“(Golovkin’s) handlers are great, anything is possible. It’d be a mega-fight. If he wins this fight with Murata and unifies, then we can unify together. It’s a big fight, it’s a major fight.”

On Canelo vs Plant

“It’s gonna be a fight. It’s gonna be an interesting fight. We all know Canelo struggles with a little bit of movement off the jab and things of that nature. We’ll see how he does with this fight, we don’t know. He’s looking to try to knock out Plant. Plant uses his head movement and his lateral movement pretty good. I don’t call it ‘running,’ but I do think he’ll be on the bike a lot more and make Canelo stalk him down. Hopefully he don’t get caught with a shot he don’t see. Let the best man win.”

“We don’t know how Canelo will adjust to the jab and the movement. He struggles with fights with the Mayweather sort of style. Plant shows a little bit of Mayweather style where he boxes and moves and is a little bit flashy, hands down, he’s not an upright fighter. He boxes off his back foot and uses his head pretty good. We don’t know right now what kind of Canelo we’ll see.”

On whether or not he wants to face the Canelo-Plant winner

“I mean, yeah. Whoever the winner is, hopefully we can make a mega-deal. I’m looking for a mega-deal and to extend my legacy. If one of those guys gives me the chance, I’m definitely taking it.”

On Canelo-Charlo possibly being the biggest fight at 168

“Yeah, Canelo fighting me would show the world that those top, competitive fights can still happen. It’s probably one of the biggest mega-fights, somewhere like Houston or close to home. It’d be major.”

On his beef with David Benavidez

“If it’s worth it, if it makes money, it’s one of the fights that would get the fans on their feet. I like the style. A young kid like that, he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Unprofessional kid who lost his belt twice to unprofessional things. He has nothing to offer besides running his mouth. We know how that goes. Yeah, it makes an interesting fight, when you’ve got fighters saying things and whatever, but talk is cheap.”

On his resume possibly being underrated

“It’s not underrated. Of course there’s some bigger fights to have, but I’m definitely pleased with my accomplishments and the things I’ve done in boxing so far. I’m never underrated, I’m just misunderstood in boxing.”

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