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Joseph Parker vs Derek Chisora 2: Opening Press Conference

Parker and Chisora are set to run back their close fight on Dec. 18.

Today Matchroom Boxing made it’s official announcement of the December 18 rematch between heavyweights Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora, who met this past May in a close fight that Parker edged by split decision on the scorecards. All fighters were on hand for today’s opening press conference and skipping straight to the meat of presser, know you Chisora was going to have his say before he once again goes head-to-head with Parker in what can expected to be another good, close fight.

“I’m half excited and half not, to be honest with you,” Chisora would say. “Yes, I’m happy for the fight but I might be disappointed with what comes with the fight, to be honest with you. Like, I’m gonna speak with my management team 258, we get an American referee and we get good judges for this fight because so many times I’ve been robbed. I’ve been robbed in Helsinki (against Robert Helenius), I was robbed in the first one here in Manchester with Dillian (Whyte) — that’s your card as well,” Chisora said in the direction of Eddie Hearn.

“It’s just one of those things, it gets a bit frustrating. I’m happy the rematch is on. I’m excited I have Dave Coldwell now with me...Right now I’m not buzzing yet. I think it’s not time to be buzzing yet. I’m gonna say this honest, publicly to the press, that I need you Eddie to get a good referee, an American referee — not a British Board of Control referee because those guys in the past have stuffed me and they’ve messed me around — so if Robert Smith is listening, I do not want your referee to ref for me for this fight.

“And I need (Hearn) to get good refs and good judges for this fight, because I know for a fact that come 18th of December we gonna have a war. Joseph Parker don’t scare me, he hasn’t got anything which I am scared of. He hasn’t got power punches — I don’t even know how they gave him the last fight to be honest with you. I’m just disappointed that they gave it to him.”

Hearn then asked Chisora if he’s taken the time to watch back his fight Parker.

“Let me tell you something, the God’s honest truth, I haven’t even watched a fight with my first professional debut — I haven’t even watched a fight with Usyk, I haven’t even watched the fight with Dillian Whyte twice, I don’t watch my fights ‘cause I’ve been in them, so I know what I did. I don’t need to watch them, why am I gonna watch them for? [Laughs]. I was in it.

“100% I stand by I won that fight (with Parker). I was the more pressure fighter, I was making the fight happening. All he wanted to do was hold, that whole Kronk style, holding and his resting on you. That’s what they do, which is good for them, but all I’m saying is if I have to pay somebody, if I have to pay one of the judges or anything, please let me know what account I have to send the money to.

“Am I lying, because half of the time it’s just — who do I have to pay?”

Hearn would chime in to make it clear to the public that there wont be any payoffs happening, and then tried to steer Chisora back on what adjustments he might need to make to change his fortune in this rematch.

“The name of the game, ladies and gentlemen, is boxing,” Chisora answered. “You know, bite your gum shield and just chuck the leather. That’s it. Ain’t no point in trying to tippy toe boxing and all that nonsense. It don’t work. Bite the gum shield and chuck the kitchen sink — that’s the name of the game for me. We are coming to war. This is why people love watching me, we’re coming to fight. I’ve never been a boxer in my life so I’m coming to fight.”

Watch the full opening press conference in the video link above!

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