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Ryan Garcia doesn’t think Devin Haney can beat him based upon his most recent performances

Garcia says he’s too fast and too explosive for Haney.

During an Instagram live stream, lightweight Ryan Garcia addresses and responds to fan questions and explains why he’s confident he’s got what it takes to beat Devin Haney. Garcia also goes on to say that he’s first trying to land a fight against Isaac Cruz who’s just recently coming off a decision loss to Gervonta Davis. Check out some excerpts of what Garcia had to say below.

Garcia on a fight against Haney

“I definitely feel like I’m better than him, I know I’m better than him. Haney is pretty good but the last two fights, for me, I kinda feel like I’m too explosive, too fast for Haney. And my shots are definitely stronger than the people he’s fought.

“So anything could happen in that fight, he could move, he could do whatever, but I know that I’ll catch him and we’ll see how he reacts. And even if he doesn’t react like that, I definitely have the skills to beat him.

“But like I said, Haney’s a skilled fighter, he likes to move, I’ve seen that jab, but if you notice once he starts getting hit to the body with hard shots he doesn’t really like it, at all.”

On looking to fight Isaac Cruz

“That’s currently being talked about with my team. Shout out Lupe Valencia, trying to get that done. Hopefully I can get that done with ‘Pitbull,’ we can get it rockin’. Like I said, Cruz is a good fighter, really meant no disrespect by saying he’s a C-class fighter, it really wasn’t towards him. It was more towards ‘Tank’ because I’ve been calling him out for I don’t know how long. To me I honestly feel (Cruz) is more of a B-level fighter but B-level fighter in a smaller weight class; he’s a C-level fighter at 135. I’ll stand by that.”

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