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PBC on FOX, Andrew Moloney back in Australia: Boxing schedule for December 21-25, 2021

A couple of small cards as we wrap up 2021 in boxing.

Vito Mielnicki Jr gets a main event on FOX this week
Vito Mielnicki Jr gets a main event on FOX this week
Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Tuesday, December 21

ESPN+, 3:00 am ET, Andrew Moloney vs Froilan Saludar. An Aussie card from Sydney, as Moloney looks to get back on the winning track after his trilogy with Joshua Franco, where he lost twice and the middle fight went to a no-contest. BoxRec are listing this as bantamweight but it’s also for a regional WBO title at 115 lbs, so I’m guessing Moloney is staying at 115, but it doesn’t really matter. Saludar is a 32-year-old Filipino and on paper the type of guy Moloney was beating in Australia before he got his career going in the U.S., but while he’s proven stoppable, he’s also been competitive in most of his losses, and I can’t shake the feeling that fighting at The Star Event Centre in Sydney was something Moloney was hoping would be the outcome of three fights in the States, so he’ll have to avoid some personal letdown. I absolutely should not stay up this late or get up this early to watch Moloney-Saludar, but you know I’m gonna. Bad Left Hook will have live coverage.

Saturday, December 25

FOX, 8:00 pm ET, Vito Mielnicki Jr vs Nicholas DeLomba, Joey Spencer vs Limberth Ponce. Well, it’s on the TV and all, and I have nothing to do at that point in time on Christmas, and maybe you don’t either, so swing on by to Bad Left Hook and we’ll watch some folks fight in Newark. Mielnicki is a welterweight prospect, Spencer a middleweight prospect, both have received almost all their hype solely from PBC broadcasts, relatively little from fans who have watched those broadcasts. DeLomba is a decent opponent for Mielnicki on paper, a guy who can go rounds, and Mielnicki has already been tripped up once. Ponce is 18-0 in Iowa and Kansas, 0-4 anywhere else. Bad Left Hook will have live coverage.

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