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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2: Tyron Woodley reacts to knockout loss to Jake Paul

Woodley says he made one fatal mistake against Paul, and Paul made him pay for it.

During the immediate aftermath of his devastating knockout loss to Jake Paul over the weekend, Tyron Woodley took some time to talk to reporters about his thoughts on the fight not going his way, and where that leaves him in his fighting career going forward. Check out some of what Woodley had to say below.

Woodley on his thoughts on the rematch with Paul

“I feel like we both had good moments, I felt like I took over the lead in the fight. First round I feel like he may have won, second round I thought it was close, I though I kind of won it, and then from that point onward I was landing the shots, I was pressing him, I was hitting him and the volume was higher for me and the defense was better for me. But he was also better, his defense was a little tighter, he was harder to hit too.

“So I feel like we was both in there fighting and warring and it only took one slight mistake, one hand dropped. Had he dropped his hand on me, same shit would’ve happened. So I was just breathing, I was being patient, I was taking my shots and I was trying to listen to my coach — when they told me to throw a combination, I was trying to let those combinations rattle off, I was trying to move head more, I was trying to make sure my defense was tight and fire back, and I felt like I did that. And I was looking for an opportunity, I was trying to set it up...I didn’t get the KO, I didn’t get the one hitter quitter punch I wanted, but at the end of the day, man, I fought hard.

“I fought hard, I did well, I feel good, I came in shape and a lot of people probably think I was just taking the payday. I was fuckin’ in shape, I was ready to fight. And I think people know they not only got to take him serious, they got to take me seriously. I’m not going nowhere.”

On what he remembers about the sequence that led to him getting knocked out cold

“I mean it’s not so devastating, you get hit in the back of your fuckin’ head, your equilibrium goes. Anywhere from (the back of the head) to the jawline, your motor skills on that side goes down. I’ve been knocked out that way once before in my life, and I’ve knocked a lot of people out. So it’s not nothing surprising but at the end of the day, of course, do you want to be on somebody’s highlight reel getting chopped? Hell no.”

On what he’ll do next

“Fighting, whatchu think?! Most likely (back in a boxing ring).”

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