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Jorge Masvidal tells Jake Paul to come meet him in an MMA fight

Masvidal says he’s willing to fight Jake Paul, but wants it in the octagon instead of a boxing ring.

During Jake Paul’s post-fight press conference he made it a point to call out UFC’s Jorge Masvidal as a next potential opponent for him, to which Masvidal hopped on social media to make a public response to Paul, asking him to sign a one fight deal with UFC so they can meet in an octagon instead of the squared circle.

“Now to address that little bitch, what’s his face. Listen, man, you can’t fuckin’ afford me,” Masvidal would say. “You understand, we know the names that you mentioned, you can’t afford. I know what you pay. You talk a big game, you say $50M here, $100M there, but bullshit. If that was the case Mayweather would’ve took the fuckin’ fight with your bitch ass, but he hasn’t because you don’t generate that type of revenue.

“You giving out free tickets. You’ve got street teams giving out free tickets. Who the fuck are you selling dreams to? You can’t afford me to come over. So let me tell you a little secret about me you didn’t know: I fight for money or to fight the best in the world. You’re neither. You understand? I know it hurts but you’re neither the best in the world or making money.

“I’ll tell you what, come over to UFC, sign a one-fight deal, let Dana give you whatever the fuck he’s gotta pay you, I’ll break your jaw in front of the whole world. I promise you that. If you really want it, come get it. Man to man shit, none of that boxing shit where I can’t slam you on your spinal cord and like leave you in a wheelchair for life. No, come on over so we can do everything. If you want it, it’s here, if not, shut the fuck up.”

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