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Predictions: Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz, who wins the fight and how?

Will Tank Davis avoid the upset? Who wins Fundora vs Garcia?

Will Gervonta Davis avoid upset against Isaac Cruz on Sunday night?
Will Gervonta Davis avoid upset against Isaac Cruz on Sunday night?
Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather Promotions

Gervonta “Tank” Davis returns to the ring on a Sunday night Showtime pay-per-view, facing Isaac Cruz in the main event.

What will happen in that fight? How about the tougher-to-call co-feature at 154 lbs between Sebastian Fundora and Sergio Garcia?

We’ve got our picks in.

Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz predictions

Scott Christ (59-20)

Gervonta Davis was going to take Rolando Romero apart, make him look slow and ridiculous. Gervonta Davis will take Isaac Cruz apart but it won’t be Cruz getting embarrassed, really, just sort of the obvious outcome of this matchup.

Davis is going from fighting by far the biggest opponent of his career in Mario Barrios to fighting one of the shortest guys he can, and Cruz’s only chance here is aggression and catching Davis. But Davis is much more skilled, much faster, hits harder, and Cruz’s energy figures to get him blasted by something nasty. I do think Cruz will make this fun while it lasts, and I don’t think it’s going to last very long. Davis KO-4

Wil Esco (63-16)

I’m not going to lie, there seems to be more people than I expected who believe that Isaac Cruz is a more formidable opponent to Gervonta Davis than Rolando Romero. I’m not one of them. Styles make fights and this one here just doesn’t have much of any intrigue for me - especially as a PPV. It just has too many favorable conditions going for Tank for me to see any real path to victory for Cruz.

For one, Cruz is actually a smaller fighter than Tank (who is pretty small himself) and is going to be too aggressive and too wide with his shots going up against a sharpshooting counterpuncher. This is exactly the kind of opponent that Tank feasts on because he won’t have to worry about getting sparked by any one singular shot, and that will only emboldened him to stand in punching range until Cruz gets punished for his mistakes. Much like his bout against Leo Santa Cruz, it’s only a matter of time before Tank lands the big one, and I think it’ll come much sooner this time around. Davis TKO-3

Patrick L. Stumberg (64-15)

Like I said when it was first announced, Cruz was about as good a last-minute replacement as you could get. He’s the IBF top contender, sits in two other top 10s, and always brings the heat. Rankings-wise, this is every bit as valid as the Romero fight, and it figures to be even more violent despite the lack of personal beef.

It also figures to be a lot shorter. Cruz is exactly the sort of Vicious Little Bastard (tm) I support, but his love of wading into the pocket with either wild swings or a low head in lieu of a jab make him an easy target for Davis’ vicious counters. Though Davis can be pressured and doesn’t have the legs to keep Cruz out of his wheelhouse, he’s a lot more dangerous than “Pitbull” in said wheelhouse. Cruz ducks into a face-melting uppercut sometime in the first few rounds. Davis KO-2

And the staff winner is...

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Gervonta Davis (3-0)!

Sebastian Fundora vs Sergio Garcia predictions

Scott Christ (59-20)

In the most notable fight of his career to date, Sergio Garcia went to London and dominated Ted Cheeseman. That was in early 2019, and Garcia has had four fights since, doing basically nothing to capitalize on that momentum. But he’s a good fighter, and while anyone is going to give up massive height to Fundora — who is between 6’5” and 6’7” depending on the latest press release about it — Garcia is a much more technically sound fighter.

It’s hard to deal with Fundora, and he’s gotten better since his draw with Jamontay Clark in 2019, too. But I’m going with Garcia. Spanish boxing is on a roll at the moment and I think his technical superiority gives him right about a 50/50 shot against Fundora’s volume and freakish dimensions. Garcia SD-12

Wil Esco (63-16)

It really baffles me that Sebsastian Fundora is able to make 154lbs with his gigantic frame. Like, I’m aware that he has a very slender build, but the man is still 6’5” with an 80” reach. I’ve said for some time now that the sheer dimensions of Fundora will be problematic for almost anyone in the division, and I don’t expect Sergio Garcia to be much different.

For Garcia, I think he’ll be up against a much better opponent than he’s seen in a while and I question how sharp he’ll be on fight night coming off what is essentially a full-year layoff. Fundora isn’t untouchable by any means, and I do think Garcia will give Fundora a bit of a run for his money, but I ultimately see Fundora wearing on Garcia because I don’t think Garcia has the power to get Fundora out of there nor will he be able to outpoint him. I’ll take Fundora on a late stoppage. Fundora TKO-10

Patrick L. Stumberg (64-15)

It’s hard not to root for Fundora when he looks and fights like a custom Fight Night Champion character who crammed all his points into hooks and uppercuts. He’s just such a unique and compelling fighter, one who seems to be constantly skirting doom through his desire to trade heat on the inside rather than use his length to box. I think a heavy hitter’s eventually going to land a Martinez-Williams sort of bomb on his chin and leave him lying like a plate of spaghetti on the canvas, but it’s not going to be Garcia.

“El Nino’s” rock-solid fundamentals are let down by his utter lack of stopping power, which casts doubt on his ability to keep “Towering Inferno” off of him for any length of time. While Fundora will undoubtedly struggle to corral him in the early going, his aggressive body attack and relentless forward motion figures to shrink the ring as the rounds progress. Garcia’s technical edge will blunt before long, leaving Fundora’s avalanche of punches to ultimately seal the deal late. Fundora TKO-10

And the staff winner is...

Andy Ruiz v Chris Arreola Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Sebastian Fundora (2-1)!

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