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Tommy Fury withdraws from fight with Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley steps in for rematch with Paul on Dec. 18

Tommy Fury is out, and Tyron Woodley will get his rematch with Jake Paul in 12 days.

Tyron Woodley has replaced Tommy Fury and will face Jake Paul again on Dec. 18
Tyron Woodley has replaced Tommy Fury and will face Jake Paul again on Dec. 18

UPDATE (2:17 pm ET): Fury pulled out due to a “bacterial chest infection and broken rib,” he said in a statement released by Queensberry. He said he hopes to reschedule the fight with Paul in 2022. — Scott

Showtime have announced the withdrawal of Tommy Fury for a scheduled December 18 PPV main event against Jake Paul, and Tyron Woodley will be stepping in to rematch Paul instead.

There was talk of a potential rematch between YouTube sensation Paul and former MMA champion Woodley, and now it’ll be coming much sooner than anyone might’ve expected. Woodley and Paul went head-to-head over the summer with Paul winning a decision.

Fury reportedly pulled out of the fight due to an unspecified medical issue that impacted his training camp, paving the way for Woodley to get the rematch he’s been seeking at a catchweight of 192 lbs.

“When my team woke me up on Friday to tell me Tommy was pulling out, I told them I’m ready to fight anyone on December 18,” said Paul, who is 4-0 as a pro boxer with three knockouts. “Troy, Trey, Trevor, Travis. I don’t give a damn who it is. So, as I predicted Tommy fumbles and Tyron is there to pick it up, stepping in, and contractually he is getting an extra $500,000 if he knocks me out. First time I out-boxed him. This time I’m gonna punish him and leave no doubt.”

Woodley has previously claimed that he could’ve performed better against Paul the first time around, so now is his chance to make the most of this second bite at the apple. Sound off on your enthusiasm in the comments section below.

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