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Terence Crawford on the hunt for ‘big fish’ Errol Spence

Crawford continues to make it clear that he’s not the one standing in the way of a welterweight unification with Errol Spence.

Welterweight champion Terence Crawford appears to be enjoying some leisure time following his knockout win over Shawn Porter, but still says he’s about business as he’s on camera in the ocean, looking to snag himself a frankly overdue fight against Errol Spence Jr.

“I’m looking for you, Errol. Where you at?” Crawford screams as he wades in the water. “I’m in the ocean, you say you the big fish, I’m looking for you. Where your ass at?

“You got a lot of room to hide in this motherfucker, I don’t know if I can find you in the ocean. The ocean bigger than a motherfucker, man. We ain’t gonna be able to find your punk ass out here. Got a lot of places to hide.”

A Crawford-Spence fight has long been considered perhaps biggest fight to make in the entire sport if not only the division, but promotional differences have long stood in the way of the business actually getting done. But with Crawford now officially out of his contract with Top Rank and a operating as a free agent, perhaps there’s no more realistic a time than now for the sides to strike a deal (provided that Spence is actually inclined to make the fight).

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