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Caleb Truax: Caleb Plant needs more time to take down Canelo Alvarez

Truax was just shutout on the cards by Plant, but still doesn’t think Plant has what it takes to beat Canelo.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Despite coming off a one-sided decision loss to Caleb Plant over the weekend — losing every round on every card — Caleb Truax credits Plant with being a good fighter but still doesn’t think he has what it takes to beat Canelo Alvarez at this point in his career. Check out what he had to say below...

On his thoughts on his fight against Plant:

“It didn’t go the way I wanted to, that’s for sure. But you got to give him his props, he’s a quick fighter, he’s a good boxer, he’s got a helluva jab. He was just able to keep me at bay the whole fight and didn’t go my way.”

On what his game plan was to beat Plant:

“I wanted to push the pace and put pressure on him but credit to him, he was able to keep the distance with his jab and made it tough for me to get close to him and work the body and work inside like I wanted to.

“I was trying to land the right hand over the top of his shoulder when he rolled — I landed a couple nice ones but it was just too few and far between, mainly because of his foot positioning and his movement. He was able to slip away from me and kind of slip out the back door. I knew he was a quick fighter, I knew he was a defensive fighter, slick, but he’s a little bit slicker and a little bit more elusive than I thought.”

On where he’d rank Plant compared to other opponent’s he’s faced:

“He’s got a better jab than all of them, I think. I think he’s got the best jab that I’ve faced. Power, he didn’t have much power at all. He’s a good fighter, you know. I think he’s needs more time to take down the likes of Canelo. But he’s a helluva fighter.”

On if he believes Plant could potentially beat Canelo:

“I wouldn’t pick him to beat Canelo right now. I wouldn’t pick anybody to beat Canelo right now. So that’s not saying anything negative on (Plant). But, yeah, he’s only got 21 fights, he’s got plenty of time to develop and he seems to be getting better so just take his time.”

On where he wants to go after this loss:

“I’m not sure. I still feel like I got some left in me and can keep on going forward. I just went the distance with a guy that’s in his prime and he’s a good fighter. Talk to my girlfriend, to my family, and see what I think I should do. Don’t want to make any knee jerk decisions right now.”

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