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Warrington vs Lara: Pros react to Mauricio Lara’s stunning upset knockout of Josh Warrington

Mauricio Lara was a massive underdog, but the 22-year-old made his name with a huge upset of Josh Warrington.

Matchroom Boxing

Mauricio Lara’s shocking upset KO win over Josh Warrington today in London has sent shockwaves through the featherweight division, and is the first big upset of 2021 in boxing, as Warrington tumbles from the top tier of the 126-pound class and the heavy-handed young Mexican fighter has marked his territory.

Lara (22-2, 15 KO) was unproven coming in, riding a winning streak but against pretty limited oppposition. He was a huge underdog, with Warrington (30-1, 7 KO) as much as a -2500 favorite in some places.

But Warrington was getting popped with Lara’s heavy hands from the early going, even in rounds Josh was winning, and then the 22-year-old Mexican dropped the home fighter in the fourth round — and it was a big knockdown. Warrington was barely able to survive the round, and the prevailing thought was that he was concussed and fighting on instinct from that point.

Warrington showed incredibly determination, toughness, and grit, but Lara’s thudding blows caught up again with a ninth round knockdown, which finished the fight. Warrington had suffered the first loss of his pro career, and Mauricio Lara became a bona fide featherweight contender, just like that.

There is already early talk of a rematch, with Eddie Hearn saying Warrington has a rematch clause, but we’ll see.

The boxing world — particularly in the UK — had a lot of thoughts on what we saw in this one:

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