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Berchelt vs Valdez: Watch fight preview ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ (Episode 2)

Top Rank releases it’s second and final promotional installment leading into this weekend’s title fight.

In anticipation of this weekend’s junior lightweight title fight between Miguel Berchelt and Oscar Valdez, Top Rank unveils the second episode of Blood, Sweat & Tears which features behind the scenes footage of both fighters leading into the big fight.

In this episode we pick up where we left off, with both fighters grinding it out in training camp, physically and mentally preparing themselves for battle.

“I feel my dream of becoming a world champion, WBC world champion, just around the corner,” Valdez says. “I can almost touch it. I can almost feel it. We’ll do whatever it takes to win.”

Berchelt has plans of his own, expecting to inflict enough damage on Valdez to stop him while offering a few ominous words.

“I will give him a poison that has no cure,” Berchelt claimed.

But boxing can be much bigger than just what happens between the ropes, as expressed by Valdez who is hoping to put his entire family in a better situation with his success.

“For me the most important thing in life is family,” says Valdez. “My family’s pretty big and that’s a big responsibility for myself. Sometimes it breaks my heart knowing that my grandma and grandfather still have to work today. And they work in a train station and the can get contagious very easy so sometimes I get worried.

“A lot of people might assume just because I’m a former world champion, people will think that I can provide for the whole family, but it’s ever enough. So it’s a big motivation for me, I gotta provide for my family. I know if I win this fight, my grandmother and grandfather wouldn’t have to work no more. I’ll take care of them.”

Be sure to check out the full video feature on both fighters heading into this weekend’s clash above.

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