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Tevin Farmer talks Joseph Diaz Jr “karma,” plans to move up to 135 soon

Farmer says what goes around, came around for Diaz.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During this video interview with Fight Hub TV, former junior lightweight titleholder Tevin Farmer talks about what he’s planning for his boxing return, why the JoJo Diaz rematch never happened, and his eventual plans to move up to lightweight.

On who he wants to face in his next outing being that he’s been out of action for over a year

“I mean, I want my title shot. I had a rematch clause in my recent contract with JoJo (Diaz) and they made up a lot of bullshit, saying something about it expired but it never really expired because COVID hit so in reality we couldn’t really do (it) — I had to fight him within five months but we really couldn’t fight within five months because COVID hit.

“So they tried to use that as an excuse and, you know, I could’ve sued a lot of people but that’s not what I’m about so, I took it on the chin. Karma is a bitch, you know, and what goes around comes around. And I feel like I will be fighting for a title soon no matter what.”

On how he viewed Diaz-Rakhimov

“I was watching the fight on and off but from all the rounds I’ve seen it looked like it was a close fight. I feel like a draw was fair. I had like one or two people say JoJo might’ve pulled it off by a round but I mean, either if JoJo would’ve won or it was a draw I still feel like it was a good decision.”

On where he stands with Diaz and if it’s important for him to get that rematch

“No, not really. Right now at this point, it’s pointless. The whole point of the rematch clause was to fight for my title again and it didn’t happen. I got f’ed over by somebody in between, I don’t know who or how but I was f’ed over. And I’m not surprised, I was always the underdog in the sport of boxing. I wasn’t supposed to make it to the level I made it at, but I did because I stayed consistent and worked hard. I mean, I feel like I’ma get it again sooner or later.

“And to this day, (Diaz) beat me but he’s still way behind me...he’s not at that level, he’s got a long way to go. He didn’t even make a defense. They say you not a world champion until you make a defense, right? He didn’t make a defense. He lost the belt on the scale, he hasn’t made one defense, you know. I made multiple defenses in less than a year or two...And yes, he beat me that night, and I can’t take nothing away from him for that. He came in, was the better man. I had issues going on but that don’t matter, he still came in the better man.

“I feel like it was a fluke, it’s like another Andy Ruiz and Joshua — it was a fluke. And that’s why they didn’t want to give me that rematch because they already know what would’ve happened...If you can beat me again, fight me.”

On the IBF ordering Rakhimov and Ogawa to fight for vacant title

“I feel like the right thing for the IBF to do was to...say ‘hey, Tevin gonna fight for this belt’ (knowing that I had rematch clause with Diaz). It’s only right...I feel like me and the Russian guy should’ve fought if anything.”

On his plans to move to 135

“I’m gonna move up there...I’m definitely going to go to ‘35. That was my plan. My whole plan is to go to ‘35. I’m actually a better fighter at ‘35, I can’t wait to get there. I fought Ivan Redkach at ‘35...I know I’m better at that weight, I way more stronger, just better at the weight so I’ll be there eventually. I just want to get a title at ‘30 and then I may move up right away, or I may defend it once and then move up. So I’ll play it by ear.”

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