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Berchelt vs Valdez: Oscar Valdez believes experience will carry him through to victory

Valdez will fight for Berchelt’s WBC title tomorrow night on ESPN.

Miguel Berchelt v Oscar Valdez - Press Conference Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Oscar Valdez will get a chance to put a world title around his waist tomorrow evening when he takes on Miguel Berchelt for the WBC junior lightweight title. Valdez tells ESPN that he’s aware that a lot of people are high on Berchelt and currently enamored with his talent, but says he doesn’t think Berchelt is the monster he’s made out to be.

In fact, Valdez is heading into this fight full of confidence, says that Berchelt has never faced a really good boxer like himself and doesn’t think he’s particularly fast, therefore he sees plenty of openings he can take advantage of.

But more than that, Valdez draws even more belief in himself because of what he’s gone through to get here. Valdez in particular fought Scott Quigg in an extremely brutal action fight where he fought seven rounds with a broken jaw and was still able to come out on top. And then there were other instances where he’s fought through fractured ribs, and through it all Valdez remains undefeated.

“He hasn’t been through what I have. I don’t think ‘what if it happens again?’ But I know if I can fight through a broken jaw, or a broken rib, or get off the canvas, I know I will always get through it. I know I will be victorious because of my mindset. Losing is never an option.”

Valdez is certainly a talent, and the previous damage he’s taken has really been my biggest reservation for his chances to win this fight, but Valdez should definitely be a live dog in this outing. Valdez has previously mentioned that a win here will set his family up to live comfortably, and he’s using that as even added motivation to do whatever it takes to get the win, even if he has to talk through fire to get it.

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