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Eddie Hearn: Fighters not getting respect from Bob Arum, Teofimo Lopez situation “a car crash for Top Rank”

Hearn also addresses Bob Arum’s negative comments about his participation in the purse bid.

As the fallout from yesterday’s purse bid for Teofimo Lopez vs George Kambosos Jr continues to settle, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn talks to Fight Hub TV about his take on Triller crashing the market with their huge bid for the fight, then responds to Bob Arum, who was highly critical of Matchroom taking part in the purse bid.

Hearn on Triller’s unexpected bid to win the rights to Lopez-Kambosos

“It was great. I mean, look, we were there two years ago with DAZN. We came into the marketplace, no one knew who we were. We had to be disruptive, we had to overpay for certain fights and we had to make some noise. And Triller did it yesterday. I love it.

“Because what it shows you is people say ‘boxing is dead.’ Is it really?! Boxing’s dead yet all these broadcasters, all these platforms look at boxing as an opportunity to attract subscribers and to grow their platform. How can it be dead?

“Great for the fighters. Teofimo Lopez, he’s beaten Vasiliy Lomachenko — he deserves it. George Kambosos changed his life yesterday. This is a tough sport, they put their lives on the line, they put their health on the line in fights, so let them get what they deserve when they achieve. Doesn’t mean just pay fighters silly money, but when someone achieves what a Teofimo Lopez has, then you have to support it. I think it was a bit of a car crash, the whole thing.”

On Arum’s criticism because he participated in the purse bid

“Listen, it is what it is. When it suits Bob, it suits Bob. And when it don’t suit Bob, it don’t suit Bob. He’s 89 or 90 — he don’t care anymore. And I respect that he speaks his heart, but what’s coming out of the mouth is horrendous for Top Rank and his relationship with his fighters. So the game’s changed. The fighters are the bosses. The fighters are the ones — they’re the talent.

“Bob Arum’s not the boss of Teofimo Lopez. He’s not the boss of Terence Crawford. Bob Arum works for them. And he could never say that to you because he’s old school, you know what I mean? And that’s not what he thinks.

“I work for Anthony Joshua, he’s my boss. I work Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, he’s my boss. I don’t mind saying it. I don’t have the ego to say anything different. I work for these people, it’s my job to do the best for them. They are the kings, I’m not a king. I’m just a fat guy in pajamas.

“The fighters aren’t getting the respect from him because he’s old school. And the game’s changed, it’s not like that anymore. So it’s a car crash for them. He should just be quiet now and move on and make another big fight.”

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