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Canelo vs Yildirim: Live streaming results, round by round updates, how to watch, start time, full card info

Canelo Alvarez is back against Avni Yildirim tonight on DAZN.

Melina Pizano/Matchroom


Round By Round

Canelo Alvarez vs Avni Yildirim

Round 1: Canelo feints and Yildirim tries to reach with a jab. Left hook from Canelo touches the body. Canelo tries another hook that Yildirim partially blocks, then Canelo targets the body again with a right hand. Hard left hook lands for Canelo, referee says it strayed low. Canelo pops two jabs upstairs as Yildirim keeps a tight guard. Another left hook lands to the body for Canelo. Yildirim misses badly on his own left hook to the body. Hard right hand lands downstairs for Canelo, then a left hook to the head. Yildirim misses on three jabs. Yildirim jabs tot he body this time. Canelo doubles up on his left hand this time, then throws another right to the body moments later. Canelo 10-9.

Round 2: Jab from Yildirim gets blocked. Canelo misses on a jab upstairs. Uppercut lands clean for Canelo on the chin, backing Yildirim off. Another uppercut from Canelo scores. Now Canelo lands a stiff jab followed by a left hook to the body. Yildirim on the defensive early and still getting touched up. Three punches come from Canelo as Yildirim covers up. Canelo digs down to the body with a left hook again. Hard left to the body lands yet again for Canelo, then another. Right uppercut lands for Canelo this time. This has been target practice early in the fight. Yildirim throws a right hand to the body. Hard straight right lands for Canelo, then a left hook upstairs. Canelo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Yildirim’s face is looking marked up on the left side between rounds. Canelo probes with a couple jabs and then tries a hook behind it. Right hook from Canelo gets blocked. Hard left to the body lands again for Canelo. Right hook scores for Canelo to the body, Yildirim gets in his own body shot, BUT CANELO LANDS TWO SHOTS TO THE HEAD AND PUTS YILDIRIM DOWN! Yildirim is up but takes two hard body shots to the liver. Yildirim on the ropes and taking shots from Canelo. Yildirim throws a counter hook but takes a shot to the head. Yildirim is hurt to the body by repeated liver shots. Left hook from Canelo lands upstairs. Yildirim tries a hook to the body but takes two in return from Canelo. Yildirim isn’t looking too sturdy right now. Canelo 10-8.

Round 4: Yildirim’s trainer Joel Diaz is already threatening to pull the plug on the fight if Yildirim doesn’t turn things around immediately. Wow, it looks like the fight has been stopped in the corner before the fourth round begins. Canelo TKO-3.

McWilliams Arroyo vs Abraham Rodriguez

Round 1: Arroyo comes out looking to come forward as he stalks Rodriguez. Lead hook from Rodriguez misses. Rodriguez looks a little scared of Arroyo by his body language. Lead hook from Arroyo falls short. Rodriguez tries to jab to the body. Right hook lands to the body for Arroyo. Now Arroyo lands a clean jab upstairs. Rodriguez is really trying to run around the ring as much as he can. Both fighters collide and there’s a minor head clash. Right hand lands for Arroyo, Rodriguez lands a left to the body. Check hook partially lands for Rodriguez. I think Arroyo landed the cleanest shots of the round by Rodriguez didn’t do too poorly. Close round I’ll edge to Arroyo. Arroyo 10-9.

Round 2: Check hook from Rodriguez lands on the guard. Now Arroyo lands a short left on the inside. Clubbing right hand lands for Arroyo. Rodriguez throws a short combination on the inside but doesn’t land it well. Two body shots make contact for Arroyo. Stiff jab lands for Arroyo, Rodriguez gets in a left hook. Arroyo pushes Rodriguez back to the ropes and Rodriguez tries to escape before grabbing hold. Good left hook lands for Rodriguez. Two shots from Arroyo split the guard. Double left comes from Arroyo. Arroyo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Arroyo comes out on the attack but Rodriguez escapes. Both fighters trade jabs but Arroyo’s lands stiffer. Jab lands clean for Arroyo. Body shot gets in for Arroyo this time. Two more body shots get in for Arroyo this time. Rodriguez fighting off the ropes more in this round and it’s not suiting him. Rodriguez tries another lead hook but it’s blocked. Right hand lead lands for Arroyo this time. Rodriguez looks like he’s starting to fade now. Arroyo 10-9.

Round 4: Jab from Rodriguez to the body falls short. Body shot from Arroyo seems to hurt Rodriguez a little. Arroyo coming forward with power punches but walks into a clean left hook downstairs from Rodriguez. Arroyo continues to come forward and throws both hands and lands a good clean one that snaps Rodriguez’s head. Now another combination from Arroyo puts Rodriguez down. Combination from Arroyo strafes Rodriguez in the corner. Arroyo 10-8, 40-35.

Round 5: Arroyo coming forward looking to end this fight but Rodriguez doesn’t want to go easily. Rodriguez manages to escape another combination from Arroyo. Hard shot from Arroyo has Rodriguez in trouble and looking for space to run. Rodriguez’s corner throws in the towel. Arroyo TKO-5.

Zhilei Zhang vs Jerry Forrest

Round 1: Forrest comes out with a quick jab to the body, then another. Forrest continues to try to work his jab downstairs against the imposing figure of Zhang. A couple more jabs to the body comes from Forrest. Short right hook makes contact for Zhang. Zhang stalks forward but hasn’t thrown many punches yet. Forrest misses on a left hand aimed at the body. Zhang tries another lead right hook. Jab lands for Zhang now. Forrest tries an ineffective combination. Forrest jabs to the body again and then wings a big left hand that gets blocked. More jabs come from Forrest who lands a grazing shot upstairs, then a better one the next time. BIG LEFT HAND FROM ZHANG PUTS FORREST DOWN! Forrest is up at the bell. Zhang 10-8.

Round 2: Well, Forrest was clearly winning that first round until he got caught by the Big Bang. He’ll have to be careful going forward. Forrest throws a half-hearted jab upstairs. Lunging left hand from Forrest doesn’t land clean. Forrest throws another jab but ZHANG STAGGERS FORREST WITH A HOOK! Forrest manages to stay on his feet after having both his knees buckled and tries to fire back! NOW A RIGHT HOOK PUTS FORREST DOWN HARD! Forrest gets up quick and wants to continue. Forrest comes forward and tries to land something big to get Zhang’s respect. Another hook from Zhang has Forrest ducking for cover. Forrest lands a clean jab upstairs. Power advantage, Zhang. Zhang 10-8, 20-16.

Round 3: Forrest comes forward to start the round and gets clipped by another hook that once again puts him down! Forrest up again and still wants more. Forrest still coming to fight, throwing punches. Forrest jabs to the body, then the head. Short right uppercut makes partial contact for Zhang. Now Zhang jabs to the body, Forrest responds in kind. Lead right hook from Zhang just misses upstairs. Forrest pops a jabs and then steps off the line. Right hook lands again for Zhang but Forrest takes this one. Left hand from Forrest splits the guard. Zhang 10-8.

Round 4: Forrest probably can’t afford to get dropped in every single round, so might want to break that streak here. Forrest jabs three times and makes a little contact. Both fighters trade and land. Forrest lands a jab on Zhang’s face. Hard left hand to the body land for Forrest this time. Check hook from Zhang just misses the mark. Forrest lands to the body with a jab. Another left hand lands to the body for Forrest. Zhang is falling in love with his right hook but isn’t setting it up, making it easier for Forrest to avoid. A couple more shots from Zhang shake up Forrest a bit. Left hand lands downstairs for Forrest. Forrest managed to stay on his feet this round, and I’ll give it to him. Forrest 10-9, 34-39.

Round 5: Forrest jabs to the body. Forrest continues to try to work the body of the larger man. Jab lands upstairs for Forrest. Forrest throws two shots that don’t land so clean. Left hand lands over the top for Zhang. Zhang is leaning on Forrest a lot in the clinches as he’s pretty obviously a little tired. Now the referee warns Zhang he’ll take a point the next time. Zhang didn’t do anything this round. Forrest 10-9.

Round 6: Forrest jabs three times as Zhang puts his guard up. Forrest continues to work his jab. Double jab from Forrest makes good contact. Lots of clinching in the last couple of rounds. Zhang breathing really hard in the clinches. More holding in the center of the ring. Forrest comes forward behind another jab, then a body shot moments later. Zhang is gassed. Forrest 10-9 in some ugly action, 54-57.

Round 7: Forrest starts with a quick combination. Jab from Forrest splits the guard. Forrest works the body with a couple of hooks on the inside. Straight left lands for Zhang, then another — his best punches of the last few rounds. Forrest tries a lead right hook that gets blocked. Both fighters trade hooks this time. Forrest gets in a short left hook on the inside. Forrest continues to throw arm punches even while Zhang isn’t throwing at all. Body shot from Forrest lands. Three body punches from Forrest to end the round. Forrest 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters trade before immediately falling into a clinch. Forrest is along the ropes now for some reason which might not be a good idea. Both fighters trade again and both land once more. Straight left from Forrest makes contact. Zhang is bleeding from his face now. Check hook misses for Zhang. Forrest works the body with a couple more body shots at close range. Left hand counter lands for Forrest. Two more body shots land for Forrest, then two more moments later. Zhang just doesn’t have the energy to work. Forrest 10-9, 74-75.

Round 9: Replay shows Zhang’s cut came from a clash of heads in the last round. Forrest comes out jabbing and backs Zhang to the ropes. Right hand lands to the body, then two more body shots land clean for Forrest. Forrest working his hands as Zhang looks to continue holding. Big left hook from Forrest misses wildly. Right hook from Zhang makes grazing contact. Zhang leans on Forrest’s neck and now has a point taken away from the referee. Forrest lands a left hook on the inside as he looks to press the advantage. Short left lands on the inside for Forrest. Forrest 10-8.

Round 10: Believe it or not, I have Forrest ahead by a point heading into this last round, despite suffering three early knockdowns — Zhang hasn’t done shit since. Hard left hand lands clean for Forrest to start the round with some enthusiasm. Forrest looking to muster everything he’s got by throwing both hands. Forrest lands a flurry that pushes Zhang back to the ropes. Right hook lands on the inside for Forrest. Forrest comes forward behind three arm punches and Zhang looks to hold yet again. Right hand lands clean for Forrest upstairs. Zhang looks a little wobbled here! Forrest lands a clean right hook on the inside and Zhang holds onto Forrest. Forrest comes forward and Zhang grabs hold. Forrest throws one more flurry for Forrest. Forrest 10-9. I’ve got it an unthinkable comeback win for Forrest, 94-92.

Canelo Alvarez makes a quick turnaround back into the ring tonight against Avni Yildirim, with the full card starting around 7 pm ET streaming live on DAZN.

The ring walks for the Canelo-Yildirim main event are being advertised for around 10 pm ET. Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call for the evening’s featured bouts: Canelo-Yildirim, McWilliams Arroyo vs Abraham Rodriguez, and Zhilei Zhang vs Jerry Forrest. We’ll have fight-by-fight results posted as each bout comes in.

Canelo is defending the WBC and WBA super middleweight titles, facing his WBC mandatory challenger, Yildirim. The fight is seen as a mismatch by most, but it’s a chance to see a real star make a return just two months after his last fight, very rare anymore, and if Canelo wins as expected, he’s anticipated to face WBO titleholder Billy Joe Saunders on May 8.

How to Watch Canelo vs Yildirim

Date: Saturday, Feb. 27 | Start Time: 7:00 pm ET
Location: Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Gardens, FL
Streaming: DAZN
Online Coverage:

The Arroyo-Rodriguez co-feature replaces what was supposed to be Arroyo challenging Julio Cesar Martinez for the WBC flyweight title. Martinez pulled out Thursday with a broken hand. Rodriguez is coming in on extremely short notice, and the interim WBC flyweight title will be at stake.

Zhang-Forrest is set for 10 rounds in the heavyweight division, and we’ll also see prospects Diego Pacheco and Marc Castro in action.

Join us tonight! WITNESS GREATNESS!!!

Main Card (DAZN, 7:00 pm ET)

  • Canelo Alvarez (54-1-2, 36 KO) vs Avni Yildirim (21-2, 12 KO), super middleweights, 12 rounds, for Canelo’s WBC and WBA titles
  • McWilliams Arroyo (20-4, 15 KO) vs Abraham Rodriguez (27-2, 13 KO), flyweights, 12 rounds, for vacant interim WBC title
  • Zhilei Zhang (22-0, 17 KO) vs Jerry Forrest (26-4, 20 KO), heavyweights, 10 rounds
  • Diego Pacheco (10-0, 8 KO) vs Rodolfo Gomez Jr (14-4-1, 10 KO), super middleweights, 8 rounds
  • Marc Castro (1-0, 1 KO) vs John Moraga (1-2, 1 KO), junior lightweights, 4 rounds

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