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Jermell Charlo says he’d knock out Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather

Charlo blows off some steam during this Instagram Live rant.

The always outspoken Jermell Charlo just recently took to Instagram Live to voice his opinion on a number of topics — most notably about Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, and the IBF never sending him his world title belt. During this rant Charlo claims he’s KO both Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather (if they fought him at 154) and more. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below...

“I’ll fuck Canelo up. Fuck Canelo. I don’t care about no Canelo,” Charlo said. “If I was in Canelo weight bro — if I’ma lose, I’ma go out with that loss to him, not no punk ass Harrison. I ain’t going out losing to no pussy ass Harrison that can’t fuck with me for real. Let me lose to someone like Canelo since ya’ll think he’s so much better than me, let me see what it’s about.

“Too bad I’m at 154. I’m at 154, he’s not coming this way. That’s the weight, I can’t go up in weight. Stop asking me to fight 160 fighters, 168 fighters — I can’t go up in weight. I got all of the belts here, I go up in weight I lose my belts, I lose my status, and I done worked too hard to get it.

“I should fight Floyd Mayweather...You know I ain’t never fucked with no Floyd, I ain’t no dick rider...I’ll fight him...I rule the world at 154. He fight at 154. All you bloggers, don’t get it fucked up. My hoe ass twin brother told me ‘stop trying to call out Floyd, stop trying to call out him because he ain’t never gonna fight you, you just making yourself look dumb’ and I actually have to coincide with that and I thought that was smart and clever. Don’t call fuckin’ Floyd out, he ain’t never gonna fight you anyways. You look like you’re clout chasing and I’m not clout chasing nobody.

“But if Canelo was in my fuckin’ weight I would knock him the fuck out. And Mr. Mayweather, if you want to fight again I will knock him the motherfuck out. If Mayweather want to fight again, wassup?! Fuck a YouTuber...

“Fuck Paul Logan or Logan Paul. Don’t fight that fool. Come back and get some of this lion feast. Feast on the lion den, dog, because I’m ready...I’m gangsta with it, believe me

“Hey, ya’ll wanna know something, this some ol’ fuck shit, right. I don’t give a fuck about no organization, no WBC, no IBF. Ya’ll treat me right, I’ll treat ya’ll right...why the f****t ass IBF never send me my belts? Where is my IBF belt?...I fought in September and won the belt, I ain’t enjoy that shit. I ain’t enjoy no belts until I got all of ‘em. Punk ass shit. Tell the IBF to send me my belt, on scamming ass accounts, writing to me and shit. Send me my belts! I already paid ya’ll when I fought in September.”

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