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BKFC KnuckleMania - VanZant vs Hart: Live streaming results, round by round, how to watch online, PPV price, start time

Paige VanZant makes her BKFC debut tonight against Britain Hart in the PPV main event. Order now!

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Paige VanZant vs Britain Hart

Round 1: VanZant does not KNUCKLE UP right away. They tie up and Hart’s going to the body, but PVZ got an uppercut in, I think, and she also clearly looks like the physically stronger in the clinch. VanZant moving around outside, the two feeling it out a bit early. There are clearly some nerves here; this is a MASSIVE opportunity for Hart and a new world for PVZ. VanZant comes in with a combo, but Hart fires back, too. VanZant constantly moving, even just in the shoulders and head from outside, feet always going. Hart comes in with a good right hand! PVZ comes back, and Hart lands another right! Final seconds turned it up a bit. Nick to PVZ for me. VanZant 10-9

Round 2: Hart looking really sharp to start the second, jabbing, throwing the right behidn it. Paige still moving but Hart is stalking a bit more now, looking confident. Hook from PVZ. VanZant comes in punching but nothing lands. Hart throwing to the body with VanZant trying to clinch her up. Hart really, REALLY landing tot he body. Paige doing nothing there. That matters, that’s scoring work for Hart. VanZant walking down, but Hart backs her down throwing again. Hart round. Hart 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: PVZ first off the line in the third, she didn’t like how the second went. She’s coming forward. Hart with a counter right, both firing shots now! Neither showing fear of going forward, both showing confident at times. Hart may be settling in with more of a rhythm than PVZ is. Right to the body from Hart. Tying up and throwing, Hart with an uppercut. Hart coming forward with a combo, PVZ firing, Hart going to the body. Hart throwing right there with her that whole time. Hart working better in the clinch, honestly, that’s where Paige thought she’d have an advantage, and where a lot figured she might. VanZant has a bloody mouse under the left eye. Overhand right from Hart. Hart just looks like the better fighter in here right now. Hart 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: PVZ coming forward, not landing clean. They tie up, Hart with an overhand right again. PVZ gets in the clinch and just shoves and stuff, she doesn’t do much. Hart with a right uppercut. Paige is getting clipped way too often, her boxing just isn’t good enough so far. She’s not an incompetent at all, but we said Hart was no joke for a reason. This was not an easy fight to debut with, there were much easier choices to go with. VanZant DRILLED with a right hand clean, but she eats it even though it jacked her neck around for sure. Other than that she barely registered the shot visually. She is tough as fuck. Hart 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: PVZ landing some decent shots early in the round, but Hart is just tenacious and comes back on her, more shots in the clinch to the body. That’s been so effective for Hart. It counts, it means something. And Paige does nothing in there. Hart may be hurt! Paige coming on strong! Yeah, Hart’s hurt. But she’s still coming forward. But this is a PVZ round with 30 seconds to go. Hart lands a long right hand! Hart with body shots in the clinch again, both throwing, and it’s over. VanZant 10-9, Hart 48-47 for me. OFFICIAL SCORES: 49-46, 49-46, 49-46 for Britain Hart!

Johnny Bedford vs Dat Nguyen

Round 1: Scrappy in-fighting right away. Bedford with a jab to the body when he finds distance on the reset. Bedford coming in nicely on Nguyen, clinching him up and pushing him back. Bedford will have to use that to beat Nguyen, who is a good boxer — particularly for BKFC — and Bedford is smart enough to know that. He’s also the bigger, taller man in the ring, it’s clear. Nguyen calling Bedford on now as they get going. Bedford slips. Jab from Bedford. Nguyen’s counter shots looking good. Bedford back to trying to muscle Nguyen. Right hand from Nguyen. Lead left hook from Nguyen, not clean. Somewhat tough round to score, but I think Nguyen nicks it in the second half of the round. Nguyen 10-9

Round 2: Bedford starting the round nicely here, moving around, 1-2, getting off first. Nguyen trying to come forward. And now they tie up and Nguyen slips against one of the turnbuckles, but he’s alright and we’re back at it. Both guys thinking. Nguyen with a lead left uppercut followed by an overhand right and a left hook, and now they’re throwing and Nguyen getting the better of that. If it gets down to trading in combo, Nguyen will have a big advantage. But Bedford comes back with some good shots! This is living up to the hype. The hype may only be my own, BUT STILL. Bedford the one marking up here, he’s having some success but I think Dat’s winning the fight so far. Nguyen 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Bedford again starting fast. I should note I might be getting the scoring just wrong here. I’m still learning more what we’re looking for with BKFC, I’m still coming at this from a boxing mindset. And I’ve certainly been wrong there, too. Nguyen getting a hard warning from the referee for the holding. Bedford with awkward but effective little rushes. Bedford coming forward and working in the clinch. Nguyen coming forward but eats a shot to the ribs. Good uppercut from Nguyen, and he’s taunting a bit again. Tough fight to score for me, and I’m no more a newbie to this than most people, I suppose. Bedford 10-9, Nguyen 29-28

Round 4: Nguyen hurt early in the round, backs down a bit. Bedford gets to him and pounds on the body in the clinch. Nguyen is playing it cool but he definitely got buzzed a bit there. Nguyen with more unorthodox combos and stuff, Bedford’s approach is pretty consistent and he may be doing the more consistent work for the judges. Nguyen throwing wild but clever shots when Bedford leans in on the inside. Right hand from Bedford. Jeez, I dunno, I have this on the line going into the fifth and final round. Bedford 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Both guys looking to work in their shots here, both could probably use something big to be sure, or close to sure. Bedford using his distance OK, even when he’s not necessarily controlling it. Bedford has used some mean, nasty, smart little chokes in the clinch here and there. It’s dirty, but hey, if Big Dan’s not gonna say much about it, what can you do? Bedford with an uppercut, overhand right from Nguyen. Right hand from Nguyen, and then a right hand shakes Bedford a bit! Bedford trying to come in, but Nguyen just might have won this fight in the final minute with good, telling shots. Nguyen 10-9, 48-47 for me. OFFICIAL SCORES: Nguyen 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

Chris Leben vs Quentin Henry

Round 1: Henry is all youthful energy. I mean he’s 31, but it is what it is. That’s young here. Henry charges in, Leben grabs in hooking the arms. Henry really bull-rushing Leben and now Henry is down for some reason. They were clinched and ... now Henry’s saying he can’t see, might have caught an errant eye poke. Henry screaming in rage. Doctors looking at him. Yeah he caught a shot in the eye. Man that was a punch in the clinch on the replay. That’s not illegal from what we can see on the replay. But Henry wants to continue. Henry answering doctor questions. Tells Henry that on replay it was a clean punch, so he has to continue or it’s a TKO loss. Henry’s going to continue, of course. His eye is reddened up bad, but he’s gonna give it a go. They’re giving him five minutes even though it ... wasn’t a foul? This is the wild west. In Florida. Henry charging forward again, Leben with more uppercuts in close. Henry throwing bombs! Both guys just flailing and winging! LEBEN DROPS HENRY ON A LEFT HOOK! IT’S OVER! HE ENDS HIS CAREER WITH A WIN! Leben KO-1

Paige VanZant makes her Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) debut tonight at 9 pm ET streaming live at FITE TV on PPV, as she takes on Britain Hart in the main event of “KnuckleMania.”

The card also features a really nice lightweight championship matchup, as Johnny Bedford takes on Dat Nguyen, we’ll also see Chris Leben facing Quentin Henry in a 205-pound fight, plus much, much more.

Bad Left Hook will be here with full coverage, with results coming in as they happen, plus round-by-round coverage for VanZant-Hart, Bedford-Nguyen, and Leben-Henry.

VanZant, a former UFC star, is an unknown in this world, but a legit, true fighter with a ton of heart and determination, definitely more than just a pretty face. She and Hart, who has experience in bare knuckle and normal boxing, have had a lot of bad blood leading up to the fight, and it could be a hell of a scrap. We’ll learn plenty about VanZant’s prospects here, as Hart is a really good first fight, with a legitimate chance to win.

How to Watch BKFC KnuckleMania

Date: Friday, Feb. 5 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Location: RP Funding Center - Lakeland, FL
PPV: FITE TV - Order Now!
Online Coverage:

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