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Herring vs Frampton: Anthony Cacace vs Lyon Woodstock, Tommy Fury added to February 27 card

The fight will be Cacace’s first defense of the belt he claimed in 2019

BT Sport today announced the full undercard lineup for Jamel Herring’s long-delayed super featherweight title defense against Carl Frampton, which goes down February 27th. The “chief support” sees Anthony Cacace defend his British super featherweight title against Lyon Woodstock, while Tommy Fury returns to action against TBA.

Cacace (18-1, 7 KO) signed with Queensberry last March after defeating Sam Bowen for the aforementioned title. Though he named Archie Sharp and Zelfa Barrett as ideal opponents for his first defense, he instead signed on to face Woodstock (12-2, 5 KO), who faced and fell to that exact duo. “Apache” ended up “being hospitalised after suffering an infection following dental surgery,” delaying the matchup until now.

“Thank God it has all cleared up and now I’m ready to rock against Lyon,” Cacace said. “The break has done me well and I’m just as hungry as ever. I know what I have to do against Lyon and I am coming over to do it. I know exactly what he brings, but I am well capable of knocking Lyon out. That’s because I won’t have to go looking for him. He is just there, loves a tear up. His style is to break opponents down. That plays into my hands. I think people will enjoy this one.”

“When things kept being put on and falling through, put on again and falling through – this is the third time I have been in camp for this fight – at the beginning it was a little bit demoralizing, but you’ve just got to find that time and energy in yourself to keep moving forward,” Woodstock said.

“Like I was the first time, I am still really excited about this fight and it is the biggest opportunity of my life. With the two losses I have got on my record people could say, ‘He doesn’t deserve this’, but if you look at my resume I’ve not ducked anyone and I am always in good fights. I fight good people, good opposition. I know Cacace is a fighting man and I have a lot of respect for him and what he did in coming to Birmingham and taking the title from Bowen.

“I am not in boring fights and everyone knows what you get with me. I’ve seen Cacace say he won’t have to come looking for me – and he is not wrong!”

Fury (4-0, 3 KO), 21-year-old half-brother of Tyson and veteran of Love Island, has fought four opponents with a cumulative record of 12-165, so he isn’t exactly being fast-tracked.

“Fighting isn’t about just picking up gloves and fighting,” said Fury. “You have to train for three to four months before each fight and watch your diet. It’s not just a case of people thinking, ‘Tommy’s fighting. He has decided to have a fight.’ There is so much more. Boxing is my life. All I do is train and get myself on the road running.”

The most noteworthy fight among the rest of the undercard sees Quaise Khademi (8-0, 2 KO) fight Ijaz Ahmed (7-2, 0 KO) for some alphabet trinkets.

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