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Deontay Wilder comes back at Mark Breland, says ex-trainer betrayed him

Wilder wasted no time in responding to his former trainer’s criticism.

Well, it’s no surprise that Deontay Wilder didn’t take too kindly to his former trainer’s recent criticisms of his work ethic and boxing ability. So coming back to respond to Mark Breland’s comments, Wilder says Breland has revealed himself for the jealous snake he is. Check out some excerpts of what Wilder had to say below...

“It’s crazy, bro,” Wilder began. “It’s crazy, because I had this man around me for so long, you know what I’m saying? I had him around my family, my kids. I fed this dude. Even when many people thought I outgrew him. Many, many wanted me to fire him but I kept him on board. And to hear all these things that he’s saying, it’s crazy.

“You should’ve been gone a long time ago. But because of the love that I had, you know what I’m saying, to continue to give you a job and all that — even after the fact of all his medical issues that he has personally going on with himself, I still kept him around. And for him to betray me and say crazy stuff, you know, it is a little hurtful only for the simple fact of how close you had him around family, and even playing with your kids.

“But God is good, man, and things happen for a reason. This just even furthermore allows me that he had something, deeper rooted hate about me. And I can’t understand why. What the fuck I do? What I do? Nothing but bless and he know what type of person I am. You know I bless, I look out for people, I keep people in their homes. Many families, even fighters...

“But it for it to be deeper embedded in him to feel a certain type of way is just like ‘where is it all coming from?’ Is it because of where I am in life and your career was short? It could be a jealousy thing.

“When you hear him talking about things like he was talking about Jay (Deas) pouring the water and shit like that and the gloves wasn’t tampered with and stuff like this, it’s crazy. How you can say another did something that we really don’t have no proof although we know what the deal is? We know what’s up, man. But it ain’t really no proof but you want to debunk something that we have all the proof of everything of. It’s crazy.

“I told Jay, ‘I think Mark did something to my water’. I’m telling you brother, I know how I felt in that ring. That wasn’t me. If people understood how I felt in that motherfucker and what I was able to do, under all that pressure and shit that was going on with me, man, they look at me today and salute me every time they see me and say, ‘Champ, I don’t know how the fuck you did it.’

“All this shit is coming full circle. It’s all making sense now, of all the actions this dude had. He’s been envying me, he’s been jealous of me, bro, and now all this shit is truly coming out. And I told Jay, I said, ‘The thing is keep your friends close but your enemy closer.’

“As you can see in that first (Fury) fight, he wasn’t even in the ring. He left right after the fight was over, like he was mad or something. Like my guys was paying attention. And then in the second fight he was the same way, his energy was off, like he didn’t really want to be around and shit like that, like he already knew something was up. And now look at him, he running to the UK people doing interviews.

“Oh, you want to break your silence to the UK people, talking about somebody else poured the water. Nah, motherfucker. You did that shit. But it’s all good, bro. It’s all good! You talking about this the end of my career? This just only the beginning of greatness. But for you, my friend, it is the end.”

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