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Hiroto Kyoguchi clearly enjoyed his first fight in the United States

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Kyoguchi retained his WBA junior flyweight title on Saturday.

Hiroto Kyoguchi made a successful debut with Matchroom Boxing and fighting for the first time in the United States on Saturday, retaining his WBA junior flyweight title over Axel Aragon Vega in Dallas.

Kyoguchi (15-0, 10 KO) probably didn’t win quite how he wanted, as Vega (14-4-1, 8 KO) was putting up a hell of an underdog fight for four rounds, before busting his hand badly in the fifth and having to pull out of the fight there. It was an unfortunate ending to what was shaping up to be a real cracker of a fight.

But Kyoguchi did seem to enjoy his trip to the U.S., at least, posing back at his hotel room on Sunday with some pizza and a can of fine Coca-Cola Classic:

The Tweet translates to, “America is pizza and cola, isn’t it?”

Yeah, pretty much. Come back soon, Hiroto, I’m sure we’ll keep having these things.