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Okolie vs Glowacki preview, predictions, who wins the fight?

Will Lawrence Okolie claim his first world title, or can Krzysztof Glowacki become a two-time champ?

Lawrence Okolie and Krzysztof Glowacki will meet for the vacant WBO cruiserweight title on Saturday (3 pm ET, DAZN) in London, with Okolie looking to win his first world title and Glowacki looking to become a two-time champ.

Will the younger man cash in, or can the veteran southpaw — and sincere step-up opponent — ruin some plans this weekend?

Scott Christ (12-5-1)

Lawrence Okolie has been in some of the most unwatchable TV fights of recent years and somehow his rapping is even worse, and there’s a part of me that wants to pick Glowacki because he’s more proven fighter and I’ve enjoyed him over the years. But while Okolie isn’t always the most exciting or prettiest fighter to watch, he is good at what he does, and he has made some legitimate improvements with a trainer switch, too.

Okolie is younger, taller, longer, and again, it’s not exciting, but when opponents try to bring fire at him — which can be hard to do, but Glowacki should be expected to try — he knows how to hold and neutralize them. I don’t think he gets Glowacki out inside the distance; it wouldn’t surprise me, but I’ll say the Polish veteran stubbornly grinds it out for the 12 rounds, though losing clearly. Okolie UD-12

Wil Esco (12-5-1)

Forgive me if I think Krzysztof Glowacki might be damaged goods, but he man hasn’t fought since getting stopped in Mairis Briedis in the greatest performance I’ve ever witnessed live. That was almost two full years ago and I think age and inactivity won’t be kind to our Polish friend. Okolie, conversely, is probably as confident as he’s ever been, riding his current five fight knockout streak. I think Glowacki has enough experience to make things a little tricky on Okolie here, but I don’t think he’s got the firepower to put him away and that could make the difference in any rough moments Okolie might have to go through. Ultimately I think Okolie is young and strong enough to impose himself before the final bell sounds. I’m going to pick Okolie to force a second-half stoppage. Okolie TKO-8

How to Watch Okolie vs Glowacki

Date: Saturday, Mar. 20 | Start Time: 3:00 pm ET
Location: The SSE Arena, Wembley - London, England
TV: Sky Sports (UK) | Streaming: DAZN
Online Coverage:

Patrick L. Stumberg (11-6-1)

I really did try to justify a Glowacki pick to myself, as Okolie’s style is just viscerally repulsive. There are definitely arguments to be made; Glowacki’s his best opponent by a country mile and is more than willing to get mean on the inside if Okolie gets too lax in the clinch. Despite my best efforts, though, I can’t see Glowacki overcoming Okolie’s size, power, and home-field advantage, especially not after nearly two years on the shelf.

If I was guaranteed proper officiating and proper judging, I could definitely picture Glowacki punishing one of Okolie’s over-thrown right hands with a doomsday left or simply overpowering him in an infight for a wide decision. As is, Okolie will almost certainly have free rein to be as wretched as he likes, and I don’t expect his toughest test to unearth some hidden desire for slugging. Okolie lands heavy potshots at range and smothers Glowacki’s return fire with excessive holding. Okolie UD-12

Lewis Watson (12-5-1)

Okolie has made some real improvements under the eye of Shane McGuigan. The “Sauce” has been the butt of many jokes over the last couple of years with his “Mr. Tickle” sized arms facilitating boring hug-fests – most notably against Matty Askin in 2018 – but is fast learning how to manoeuvre the openings to utilise his obvious power. Glowacki has had a decent career, but the timing for these two to meet looks perfect for the Briton. Okolie has bucket loads of potential, and I can easily see this fight being his real coming-out party. Okolie TKO-10

And the staff winner is...

O2 Arena Boxing Photo by Paul Harding/PA Images via Getty Images

Lawrence Okolie (4-0)!

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