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Amanda Serrano vs Daniela Bermudez preview, predictions, who wins the fight?

We’ve got another good main event coming from Ring City on Thursday. Is another upset brewing?

Ring City USA is back on Thursday, March 25, headlined by a women’s featherweight title main event between Amanda Serrano (39-1-1, 29 KO) and Daniela Bermudez (29-3-3, 10 KO), two of the top 10 women in the sport pound-for-pound, both multiple-division titleholders.

Ring City has promised good action and proper matchmaking, and to date have delivered on both every time out. Do we get another good one Thursday, and can Bermudez pull what most would see as an upset?

Scott Christ (15-5-1)

Serrano is the rare women’s fighter who excels not because she’s a technically better boxer than basically everyone she’s going to fight, but because she punches dramatically harder than basically everyone she’s going to fight. And by dramatically, I really mean dramatically; she might be the best puncher in the women’s game.

I expect that power to be what separates Serrano from Bermudez, who is also a really good fighter and three-division champ moving up to featherweight to fight Serrano, who has won belts in eight or nine or whatever divisions, bouncing around freely from one weight to another. Right around 126 is where she might be at her very best, though. Bermudez is perhaps going to be the best opponent she’s ever fought, and I do think the Argentine underdog will have some success in close especially, but the power will sway rounds to Serrano. I do not think Amanda gets Bermudez out, but it’ll be the key all the same, sort of like what we saw last weekend with Seniesa Estrada and Anabel Ortiz. Serrano UD-10

Wil Esco (15-5-1)

There’s no question that Amanda Serrano is one of the best women boxers in the world. It’s really a shame that her fight against Katie Taylor had the wheels fall off before things could even get rolling. For as much as we talk about how sparse the elite talent is in women’s boxing, these are really the fights that need to get made. Anyway, as far as Bermudez is concerned, she’s never been in the ring with a fighter like Serrano and I fully expect that to show once the bell rings. I expect Serrano to dominate this fight, putting hands all over Bermudez until she eventually breaks her down in the second half of the fight. I’ll take Serrano to win by stoppage. Serrano TKO-7

How to Watch Serrano vs Bermudez

Date: Thursday, Mar. 25 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET (Main) / 5:00 pm ET (Undercard)
Location: Plaza del Quinto Centenario - San Juan, Puerto Rico
TV: NBCSN (Main) | Streaming: Twitch
Online Coverage:

Patrick L. Stumberg (14-6-1)

This is yet another piece of top-notch matchmaking from Ring City USA, a clash of multi-division champions with fan-friendly styles. It’s not the Taylor-Serrano fight we wanted, but it’s a good’un.

Watching Serrano maul Heather Hardy made me think that someone willing to mix it up with Serrano and force her back might find success. The Puerto Rican boasts more firepower than 99% of women her size and she knows it; she’ll march headlong into the pocket and lead with risky punches like rear-hand body shots, secure in the knowledge that she’ll get the better of any exchange. Should she face an opponent with the toughness to stand her ground and the pop to punish her lackadasical defense, things could go south quickly. Unfortunately, while Bermudez very nearly fits the bill, I’m not convinced she can overcome that power disparity. She’s tough and puts together nice close-range combos, but just lacks the thump to keep Serrano honest.

Luckily for us, she’ll probably still make the effort. Expect a few rounds of war before Serrano manages to break her down. Serrano TKO-6

Lewis Watson (15-5-1)

No doubt that this is a good match-up. Both women have won titles in multiple weight classes and have legitimate claims to be involved in any pound-for-pound top 10 discussions. The difference-maker here – as is so often the case when Serrano fights – is her unquestionable power. You don’t tend to see the kind of KO ratio that the Puerto Rican has on the women’s side of the fence, and with Bermudez making the jump up to 126 for the first time in her career, these shots from the “Real Deal” will feel that little more spiteful. The Argentine is a warrior and more than comfortable going ten rounds. Serrano should be able to back her woman up for the majority of this fight, but the stoppage may elude her. Serrano UD-10

And the staff winner is...

BOXING: JAN 30 Miami Fight Night Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Amanda Serrano (4-0)!

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