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Dillian Whyte: I would love to smash his Deontay Wilder’s face in

Whyte also continues to express interest in his ever elusive WBC mandatory title shot.

During an interview with Fight Hub TV, Dillian Whyte talks about his knockout win over Alexander Povetkin in this Saturday’s rematch and talks more about where he’s looking to go from here. Whyte mentions wanting to fight Trevor Bryan for the WBA’s secondary world title, but also says he doesn’t mind smashing in Deontay Wilder’s face if he ever decides to fight again.

Whyte on his performance against Povetkin in rematch

“It was a very good performance. You could always do better, but it’s good. I could’ve got him out in the first round but he’s a dangerous guy. He’s a dangerous guy so I had to be careful, had to calm myself down because he’s very dangerous when he’s hurt as well. So, it makes it double difficult, you know.

“I was boxing good last year, there was nothing wrong with the performance — there’s one mistake. In boxing we have milliseconds fight, six different decisions. Sometimes you make the wrong one and that’s it. I went for the hook and he came up the middle, that’s all. But this time I didn’t sit on the front foot. I stayed center...had better balance so, yeah, easy adjustment.

“I wanted a good finish, I didn’t want to just beat him down. I wanted to — see the same way he put me down, I wanted to put him down the same way. And I wanted to do it in quicker time than he done it to me so I made a personal bet with myself ‘must get him out within five rounds.’”

On the tremendous pressure he was under to win this fight

“I didn’t put it on myself, it’s the fans and the people and the TV and the promoter — they put it on me. I’m a fighter, I’ll come back if I have 10 losses, I don’t care. But everybody saying, even the promoter saying ‘This is definitely, if you lose this it’s done. Over.’..And fortunately Dillian will have the final say.”

On who he wants to face next

“I would love to fight Trevor Bryan WBA (regular) world title. That’s the same title David Haye had — I’d love to fight him for the world title, it’s a world title. WBA world title, wonderful opportunity I think.”

On Tyson Fury possibly being tied up for two potential fights against Anthony Johua and what he’ll have to do to stay in line

“Activate my legal clause as the mandatory challenger, because I’ve already waited over 1000 days. So I shouldn’t be waiting any more time, really...I should be back to mandatory challenger again, so it’s not like I’m a new mandatory challenger, I’m an old mandatory challenger. So by law or whatever, I should be able to have the fight within the next three to six months I think it is. So let’s see.”

On having wanted to fight Deontay Wilder for a while and if he still wants to fight him

“We don’t know if Deontay Wilder, is he ever even gonna fight again? Haven’t shown no interest about fighting again. All he do is post pictures with guns and drink and alcohol and weed — that’s all he posts — or him twerking and shaking his ass on TV. I don’t see no boxing thing of him training or even talking about boxing...he may never fight again. I would love to smash his face in but if he’s not gonna fight again, what can I do?”

On who wins Fury-Joshua

“Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t say for sure, man. There’s a case of both men winning and both men losing. They’re both showing different style in their boxing lately. Tyson Fury’s turning aggressive and Joshua’s turning back foot fighter. Crazy isn’t it?”

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