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Ben Askren shows off Rocky IV-style training montage for Jake Paul fight

Askren is making the build-up fun if nothing else.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The April 17 fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren has drawn a lot of reactions from the combat sports world, but one thing you can say is that former MMA standout Askren is making the build-up fun if nothing else.

Askren posted a Rocky IV parody training montage for the bout to social media over the weekend, and it’s pretty dead-on:

Askren, 36, has shown a fun personality and a much better sense of humor than his 24-year-old YouTuber opponent, and is doing a pretty good job keeping the focus off of how bad his stand-up game was in MMA, and the fact he’s pretty banged up after a long pro fighting career, and the fact he hasn’t fought since 2019, and lost his last two fights in UFC...

Ah, jeez, I’m not doing a very good job selling this fight for them. But, I mean, you either know what this fight is or you’re willingly oblivious to it or you’re really just a Jake Paul fan and probably aren’t reading this in the first place. I doubt I’m changing your mind at this point either way. It’s a fun video, though!

Anyway, if you want to order the PPV, you can do so here.

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