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The Big Question: Will you pay to see Oscar De La Hoya’s boxing comeback?

“The Golden Boy” is 48, and he says he’s fighting this summer. Will you buy the show?

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Last week’s Big Question was an all-time fantasy matchup, prime Muhammad Ali vs prime Mike Tyson, both at their best, head-to-head.

62 percent went with Ali, 38 percent with Tyson, which I think is about the split I expected. Personally, I think a peaking Tyson could be some trouble for Ali or just about anyone, but my gut feeling is prime Ali is just so far above the level of competition that Mike at his best fought, and frankly I think a pre-fight build would see Ali get deeply into Tyson’s head, and that would continue in the ring. The best Tyson was a very young Tyson. I think Ali could rattle him and get him to fight the wrong fight.

One of the bigger stories recently — though maybe not quite the buzz-worthy thing they would have hoped in the early days — is Oscar De La Hoya announcing he will, in fact, make a return to the boxing ring on a July 3 Triller Fight Club PPV event.

De La Hoya is 48 years old, hasn’t fought since he was absolutely dissected by Manny Pacquiao in Dec. 2008, and fought the itch to return to the ring for a long time. He was still in his 30s when he retired, if he’d come back after a year, two, even three, maybe it would be a different story than it might well be now.

He says he feels fast, talks about remembering how good he really is while working in the gym, but a live fight with a real opponent trying to fight back? That could be a different story. A while back he said he was faster than ever; this will not be the case. Oscar De La Hoya, after 12-plus years of living his life, is not going to be the first 48-year-old boxer to be faster than he was in his 20s or 30s.

The word floating around is they would like a “UFC guy” to fight De La Hoya. We know Dana White has no love for Oscar, so it seems unlikely he’d give Triller one of his active guys that he has any interest in using from here. For one thing, why help Oscar line his pockets? For another, what if they lose to an old man — and they might, he’s still a legendary actual pro boxer, which UFC fighters are not.

But let’s say they get someone like that, probably a mid-level sort of MMA fighter with a little name value, frankly someone De La Hoya even at 48 would be expected to beat.

Are you going to buy this on pay-per-view? And I mean buy it, or at least get together with someone who legitimately paid for the fight. I do not mean will you pirate it online, because that doesn’t make anyone money, and the goal obviously is to make money.


Will you pay to see Oscar De La Hoya’s comeback?

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