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Ruiz vs Arreola: Andy Ruiz not looking to make same mistakes as in Anthony Joshua rematch

Ruiz says he’s learned his lesson by slacking off in the past but won’t be making that same mistake again.

During the virtual press conference for Andy Ruiz’s next outing against Chris Arreola, Ruiz takes some media questions about where he’s at in his career today that’s different from the last time we saw him lose against Anthony Joshua in their rematch. Ruiz, of course, admits that he wasn’t dialed in nor training properly for that fight, but says he’s learned from those mistakes and is looking to turn things around here.

Chris Arreola’s trainer Joe Goossen wasn’t exactly enthralled by Ruiz’s answers though, as evidenced by him nodding off during the Q&A session. Luckily he too can catch up right here on BLH!

Ruiz on what he was most disappointed about in Joshua rematch

“Losing from my last fight against Anthony Joshua, it was devastating, you know, because I did not do the things that I was supposed to do and I look back right now and I’m like ‘Damn, if I would’ve stayed dedicated, if I would’ve stayed disciplined and do the right things that I was supposed to do...’ And that was the most important fight of my life...but now it’s totally different.

“Now I got my mind right, I got a great trainer, so we’re just ready for May 1st. But of course I was really disappointed because I knew the ability that I had, and to stay champion.

“A lot of people got to understand that I been waiting for this moment my whole life and once that moment happened I kinda went a little off the road. I started doing things that I thought I would never be able to do...I do not want to go back, I do not want to do the same mistakes that I did before and I’m more motivated than I ever been before. I have God on my side and Eddy right here so we’re ready for whatever comes my way.

On wanting to weigh between 250-255 lbs against Arreola and what difference he thinks that’ll make for him

“I’ve always been overweight and now that I’ve been dropping weight normally and in the right way by eating right, not just wearing the sauna suit, starving yourself — because that’s what I used to do back in the day. But now that we’re eating the right things, we’re working on the right things, I feel amazing.

“I can do better stuff that I couldn’t do before because of my big gut, I had chi-chis, I had tits that wouldn’t let me throw the right punches and all that. But now I’m more motivated, I’m more dedicated in this sport and sky’s the limit.”

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